Friday, April 15, 2011

Favorite Things Friday: Around the House

I haven't really been on the computer much this week, which honestly has been awesome. I feel so much more "human" when I am around people all day rather than hanging out on twitter or stalking Etsy. Getting out of the house for my new job at Anthro this week has been so good for my sanity!

However, being around pretty things all week has brought out some materialism that needs to be subsided. The last thing I needed was to search for MORE things that I want. That said, I wanted this week's favorite things Friday to be things around the house that are making me happy. 

1. My ranunculus plant. I've got this yellow pretty that has bloomed and another white one with some pink on the ends. I'm ready for the others to bloom!

2. Here's another sneak peak of our bedroom ((mini)) makeover. We bought some new initial letters to match our new bedding. FUN!

3. Handmade paper circle garland. It's so simple & pretty against the boring white walls in my studio. I bought some pre-made circle punches from a seller on etsy & sewed them all together. Simple & colorful. Boom.

4. My love for Blue Capri Volcano candles is no secret. Now they're in PRETTY jars rather than the bright blue containers. I'm obsessed.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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  1. i'd totally love your house - love everything here, friend!!!

  2. I love EVERYTHING in this post. Ranunculus are my very favorite flower (well, except for maybe talking snap dragons) I'm so excited to see your bedroom makeover. I've had a blast making over ours!

    Also, I've been wanting one of those sewn paper circle garlands for forever. LOVE.

    Also, I'm happy that you have been out living "real" life this week. I got out of the house a lot too and yes, it's so good for our sanity.

  3. I have those Anthro letters on my mantle that spell out LOVE. :)

  4. Agreed with jami! Definitely cute! :)

  5. I love everything! Ranunculuses are muh favorite flower <3 And, I may need to find out what this fetish with the volcano candles is all about. I hear people talking about how amazing they are all the time! Miss you and hope you are hanging in there during your crazy week! One more day of work and then it's the sabbath! :)

  6. ahhh soo jealous that your house is gonna be full of anthro stuff hehe!! i recognize that letter from anthro!!

  7. Cute post! I've been struggling to recognize and enjoy the beautiful things that I do have around my home. Great inspiration to enjoy them more :)

  8. ohmegee, i heart that second thing, the intial. great FTF, kim!!

  9. i've loved those candles for years. they are the best. obvi.


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