Friday, May 27, 2011

favorite things friday ((brought to you by the color green))

I've been so inspired by the green grass & trees that have finally started to be the center of attention here in Boulder. We've had lots of rain lately, and when the sun finally decides to come out, everything is SO green and gorgeous! 

This week, I found a few things that are awesome & have one common factor: the color green.

1. NEW Crochet Toms. SO cool. I hope they come out with more color options of these summer must-haves! 
2. Mint Cupcake Vintage Necklace from Lonkoosh on Etsy.
3. Diane von Furstenberg's "Reina" Dress available at Nordstrom 
((what? I have expensive taste. sue me.))
4. Drawing Parallels Skirt from Anthropologie ((I have it in fuchsia!))

Another fun green find: Jade Rosette Necklace from one of my sponsors, LooLaBee Simplicity


PS We're in Texas & my cousin gets married TODAY! Happy wedding day Kaylie & JR!
(( why am i always on your left side in photos? ;) ))



  1. I am dying for those green toms--mainly to see the possible tan lines that they might leave :)

  2. Green's my favorite color, so I am obsessed with this post. I still want those TOMS!

  3. That DvF dress is AMAZING-wow! Glad you're enjoying Texas, and congratulations to Kaylie!

  4. congrats to the bride to be!! & do you mind if I steal your green idea for my FTF? because I <3 green.

  5. What?!? Crocheted Toms? That's legitimately awesome!!!

  6. Our family has been loving the green this week too. :)

  7. Wow!!
    Thank you so much for including my necklace !!
    Great finds!!
    Love your blog!!!


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