Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy mother's day, mom

My mom and I have such a sweet relationship. I'm sure there were ((many)) times through my teenage years when I didn't appreciate her...and that she probably wanted to strangle me...but I'm incredibly thankful for her. God wonderfully & perfectly made her to carry me, teach me, grow me, and discipline me. Through her example, she taught me to love my husband well, how to be a good wife, to strive for the best I can achieve, how to humbly serve, and most importantly, to fear the Lord.

And on a much lighter note...

I can thank my mom for my love for oldies. This one's for you, mom. 

Happy mother's day, Sherry Lynn ;)



  1. i love this.
    happy mother's day to your momma.
    she has a pretty smile just like you!!!

  2. Such a perfect Mother's Day tribute, and what a wonderful Mama!

  3. I am parenting a young teenage daughter, so this is good to the ups and downs....hope is out there :)


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