Tuesday, May 24, 2011

it's the little things

Grab some coffee ((or tea, if you prefer)), take a seat next to me and let's chat about the little things in life that are making today sweet, shall we?

Robins battling other birds for worms that have been "uprooted" and found stranded on the trail because of the rain last night.

Orange poppies blooming next to bright pink tulips.

A nice, cool four mile morning run and returning merely minutes before a downpour//thunderstorm.

Tired legs going 2 miles more than planned.

Runners on the trail that take themselves WAY too seriously.

Reflections in still ponds.

Swedish fish.

Spending the morning doing things for me

Spending the afternoon doing things to bless others. 

Starbucks tall drip with room for cream & two pumps of cinnamon dulce. :)

Coral toes. 

Enjoying last piece of coconut cream pie I made last night. ((more on that soon to come))

Finishing a good book ((the help)) and already having another one all lined up & ready for our trip tomorrow ((water for elephants)).

Mac & Cheese for lunch.

Cashier at Target asking me as a greeting, "what's good?"

Knowing that tomorrow evening I'll be in Texas...hopefully enjoying some BBQ. 

Having a week of NO work..just family, relaxation, a wedding, the beach, reading books & flipping through magazines, good food, and a jumpstart on my summer tan.


So tell me, what's good? 



  1. coffee with chocolate caramel creamer, bacon, moms night out with the girls, beautiful weather, lilacs blooming, cuddles and movies with the hubs later, my mini vacation next weekend, lovely friends, and baby toes.

  2. all that does sound good :o) I am loving the warm weather and only 12 more days of school!

  3. morning french press coffee, new haircut, crafting, poolside with a sweet friend, eating goodberry's with my roommate. oh, your blog is totes adorbs. :-)

  4. What's good? This blog post. It made me smile. Thanks for blessing me today. I sure am going to miss you!

  5. mac and cheese for lunch is AWESOME!!!!!

  6. what's good:
    this post
    getting lost in the Word on the bus
    homemade thai food that turned out delish
    sunshine for once
    a dear friend over for dinner
    evening walks & early mornings

  7. i loved water for elephants. i still have to read the help. great list, friend!!

  8. it's the little things that make everything worth while! enjoy your trip to Texas...hope you have a BLAST!

  9. Sounds like you have a wonderful week ahead of you! Things that make me happy - are waking up early enough to see the sunrise, green tea, mentos, meeting new friends unexpectedly, blogging, and the boyfriend :)


  10. loved Water for Elephants! The Help is definitely on my long list of books to read :)
    ~Andrea @ http://hecallsmewifey.blogspot.com/

  11. I LOVE this post! Here's what making my life sweet right now...some Psalms with my morning coffee, a naked two year old running through my house, crafting on the couch during a movie with the hubs after kiddo is in bed, after dinner walks...Hope you have a blast on your trip!

  12. What's good this morning: counting down to summer vacation with my two favorite little gals, my husband who always makes me laugh, Nutella with breakfast, reading through my favorite blogs, the wind blowing the bright green leaves around while the birds sing outside my door.

  13. coffee, thunderstorms that are just thunderstorms and not more, sweet kitties, growing flowers, and knowing there's a long weekend just around the corner!

  14. what's good? this post, my friend. LOVE <3

  15. I have been thinking so much about what's good after I read this last night.
    I want to really embrace what's good and this season of my life.
    Thanks for always just saying what is on your mind and heart.

    What's good:
    -Charlie singing at the top of his lungs "E" and "Y" his version of the ABC's
    -Jack standing up and reaching out to me
    -Notes from my sweet husband
    -Sunshine, even though it's close to 100 degrees out

    Enjoy your vacation!

  16. I absolutely adore this list-it sounds like you're having a heavenly week!

    I just got the ok-to-go on my vacation and booked tickets-it's all I can think about!

  17. may have to start using that greeting more. Sweet!

  18. I love this list- life truly is good because of the simplest things. I love this blog and I am adding it to my reader!
    What's Good?
    Free Mornings at the Computer with a cup of home brewed coffee :)


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