Monday, May 2, 2011

la musica

I thought it'd be fun to share with y'all some of my favorite music. I feel like my taste is a bit eclectic, as I definitely don't stay in one at all.

I'll break it down into some super broad categories and hopefully you can find some new tunes to listen to or buy today! 

Jon Foreman
JJ Heller
Sandra McCracken
Enter the Worship Circle
Kari Jobe
Jeff Johnson
Bethany Dillon
Robbie Seay Band

Priscilla Ahn
Leona Naess
Jillian Edwards
Sara Bareilles
Norah Jones

Just plain awesome
The Decemberists
Iron & Wine
Ray Lamontagne
Sigur Ros
The Civil Wars
Fleet Foxes
The Avett Brothers
Mumford & Sons
The John Butler Trio

Charlie Gore
Colin Bates
To The Wolves

A Little Taste of Home
Jerry Jeff Walker
Robert Earl Keen
George Strait
Court Yard Hounds
((& I still love the Dixie Chicks))

what I listen to more than anything
The Ronettes
John Lennon
The Beatles
Otis Redding
The Monkees
The Turtles
((aka my "Day Dream Believer" Pandora station))


Happy Monday, y'all! :)



  1. Nice, I enjoyed looking through these, The Beatles all the way!!!

  2. ohhhh i am a fan of your "just plain awesome" column. plus adele. she's just plain awesome too.

  3. Sigur Ros is just plain awesome. While working on my final today I'm going to rock the sigur ros pandora station.

  4. the civil wars are great!! & i love oldies!! :)

  5. Priscilla Ahn is my favorite!!! I'm glad that you know about her too as sometimes I feel like everyone needs to experience her music!

  6. We have such similar taste in music. I always feel kinda guilty, because there isn't very much Christian music out there that I like, but I LOVE Robbie Seay Band and Jon Foreman and several others you mentioned! And I LOVE the Civil Wars right now! Fun post :)

  7. ::music fist bump:: imma with ya on the broad spectrum with music. love Laura Story AND glee type music. :)

  8. I'm a sucker for Oldies-music from the 60s and 70s always makes me happy!

  9. kim... where's all the rap?

    and pop?

    i can tell by your choices above you must also be into rap and pop! ;)

  10. I just ADORE the dixie chicks. You can still catch me driving down the highway blasting these ladies and singing to the top of my lungs!

  11. Love your categories! :) I might just have to go try out the Day Dream Believer Pandora station... :)

  12. we have very similar music tastes!
    if you like the decemberists, and fleet foxes, I suggest another northwest band, the head and the heart. :)

  13. Are we the same person? Love the "truth" column. I have listened to Enter the Worship Circle since I was little and then got married to my husband and found out he was the ring bearer in Barry & Michelle Pattersons wedding (they are one of the couples in the group) how crazy is that! I LOVE them. Kari Jobe is awesome too. Now I'm going to listen to them.... I'm jones'n for some Enter the Worship Circle!

  14. Amazing picks! Especially your "just plain awesome" category. I have most of those band's entire discographies. Very cool :)


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