Thursday, May 5, 2011

mother's day gift guide

I'm a bit of a procrastinator and I'll admit that I haven't gotten my mom a gift yet for Mother's Day. Hey, chill out and stop judging me...I'm going to find something at Anthro today ;)

Anywho...If you are like me and wait until the last minute ((I love you for that because you make me feel normal)), here are some gifts that I'm sure your momma will L-O-V-E.

1. Brave Love necklace with all your sibling's names from the beautiful Lisa Leonard. 

2. Homegrown Monogram Mug from Anthropologie. For those mommas who love tea & coffee. Mine does not, so I will not be purchasing this for her. I bought one for myself instead ;)

3. Featherweight Cotton Cardigan from J.Crew...because what woman can't rock a cardi?

4. Get this temporary tattoo to prove your devotion & love to your old lady. But make sure someone is standing by with a camera to snap that reaction before you tell her it's fake! 

5. And if all else fails, just go with some flowers & put them in a mason jar. Baddabing, Baddaboom. Happy Mom. ((hint: no carnations))
6. If Whole Foods is all out of flowers because every one else waited until the last minute too...this photo from This & That Art in a frame might do the trick ;) 



  1. This is great! My mom would definitely enjoy any of these...although I'm not sure about her reaction to the temporary tattoo. HA!

  2. I bought those mugs too for myself because they were just too cute! Great ideas!

  3. Oooh! I'm dying over those mugs.

  4. Those tulips are so gorgeous-forget Mom, I want those on my kitchen table!

    I actually bought Mother's Day gifts last week and they both arrived today-score!

  5. I L O V E the new Anthro mugs!!! They are so enchanting!! and I heart the Lisa Leonard necklace + the pretty cardi!!! :)
    and I was thinking of picking up some flowers and putting them in mason jars. {With carnations! They are my mums favorites!! :)}
    Have a wonderful day kim!! xoxo

  6. That necklace is so so so beautiful!! I want one for myself nevermind my mum hehe x

  7. gotta love the tattoo. LOVE the mason jar idea as well!

  8. Gorgeous! Thank you so much for including my tattoo. Happy Mother's Day to you all! :)

  9. great picks! especially those mugs and cardi...oh wait, it's not for me ;-) i agree, the tulips in a mason jar are gorgeous and never get old! heck, any flower in a blue mason jar is beautiful!
    have a great weekend!

  10. Those mugs are so cute! & of course a little of Lisa Leonard ;)
    Enjoy your trip!

  11. What a lovely blog and shop you have here! It takes a big person to stop and reflect like you're currently able to. Good luck and look forward to your crafty return. :)


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