Friday, June 10, 2011

favorite things friday: summer staples

Summer is just around the corner ((or probably considered "here" for some of you!)) and I am AMPED for consistent warm weather, pool days, long hikes, tan lines, popsicles, outdoor concerts, eating dinner on our balcony, picnics, and farmer's markets. 

1. Ray-Ban Aviators - I wear and drop mine on a daily basis. 

2. Coppertone Dry Oil ((10 SPF)) - Hello summer tan. 

3. Jorts - AKA jean shorts. Right now I'm loving these Holding Horses "roll-ups" from Anthropologie. If you don't have the $$, just go ahead and grab an old pair of loose-fitting jeans, cut them off above the knee and roll 'em on up. 

4. Chacos - The Davises don't do hiking boots and these sandals are the best around. We've hiked fourteeners, rafted, and kayaked in Chacos and wear them day to day. Sturdiest sandal ever...and they give awesome zigzag tan lines ;)

5. Runner up//Unofficial Favorite Thing:
Pop-Ice. I may or may not have eaten 4 yesterday.

What can you not live without during the summer?



  1. Love my Chacos too! Mine are a little different than yours (no around the ankle strap) but I still love them 100%

    Happy summer!

  2. Pop Ices are awesome <3 them!

  3. We are a chaco-wearing family, too! They've made it on trails, through rivers and up mountains and they are still as strong as the day I bought them two years ago! Have you seen the new kids chacos? Oh man, they are so stinking cute! I also love my aviators...I need to just suck it up and buy a great pair because I feel like I go through like three cheapie pairs every year.

  4. We go for hikes all the time so I will have to try out some Chacos! Western Pennsylvania is covered with lots of rocks and roots though... so I'm not too sure how well it would work out? I'd have to start with a small trip to see how it goes. But I'm definitely will to try because I get tired of thick socks and hiking shoes! :)

    Have a good weekend!


  5. I LOVE making my own "popsicles" by freezing yogurt in the cups with the lid off. It's solid enough to hold the stick in and the resulting treat is DELICIOUS!

  6. POP ICE! You just made me so stinkin' happy!

  7. did you know my dad has the same pair of ray bans that Zac Efron paid $300 for?! cause it's true, and he kept them! :D

  8. Peaches are my favorite summertime treat. Mmmm. AND, I can't live without waterproof mascara in the summer. It's a must. :-)


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