Saturday, June 11, 2011

saturday snapshot ((aaaaaand we're baaaack!))

Hooray for Saturdays and hooray for the return of Saturday Snapshot! 
Sometimes finding something to blog about on Saturdays can be a drag. 
Solution: Saturday Snapshot!
Saturday Snapshot is all about finding a photo that sparks emotion, nostalgia, or inspiration.. writing a quick post about it, linking up, and checking out some other fun photos that people have linked up.  

You can take a stroll down memory lane ((aka your facebook tag archives)) and pick a fun one, use a photo that you've taken recently, whatever! All I ask is that either you took the photo or you are in it. 

The "official" rules are simple:

1. You must link up to a specific post, not just your blog.
2. You may not link up to a photo in your etsy shop.
3. You may not link up to a photo on your flickr account, it MUST be a blog post.
4. That specific post must be from today, not a random post from a few weeks ago. 
5. You must link back to this blog and/or post somewhere on your post.
6. Have FUN!

Here is my snapshot this week...It's from a few summers ago when we first moved to Colorado. Not the best photo ever taken of me, all bundled up and packed down like a mule...but I can't wait to have time to do some hiking with Chase! More than anything, I can't wait to spend some time in Crested Butte eating at the Secret Stash, shopping on Elk Avenue, and soaking in some good ol' mountain air . Alas, Anthro doesn't like to give me more than one day off in a row. womp womp. ((white girl problems))

I can't wait to see all of your posts! I'll pick a favorite ((or three)) & feature it next week!



  1. yeah, I missed Saturday Snapshot!Love your scarf in that picture!

  2. Great photo, Kim! I miss camping and hiking too.

  3. i was just thinking "does working at anthro HAVE a downside?!" them BAM! just one day in a row off. :(

  4. Ahhhhhhh! Thank you!!!!! Love the snapshot link up! I totally feel like some saturdays i can't relax till I have blogged! LOL (i'm crazy) This totally helped. Thank you! Great picture! I'm with Jami, Love the scarf!

  5. I love these. :) I think I will link up this time!

  6. Yay! My first link up ever! I wrote this post before I saw your link up and thought...well, this fits perfect! Thanks for throwin the party!


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