Saturday, June 25, 2011

saturday snapshot link up party! 6.25.11

Welcome back to Saturday Snapshot!

Before you link up, let's chat. 

For next week, let's try a prompt, shall we? How do you feel about that? We'll do something fun & crazy later, but let's keep the theme "around the house" for next week. Feel free to take some creative liberty with it, k?! Get those posts ready. Can't wait to see what you find/come up with!


Last week, Chantilly had one of my faves with this photo of cupcakes. Yum.


Here's my snapshot for the week:
This is a photo Chase took of all of my roomies my junior year of college. It's so happy and fun  and makes my heart pitter patter. Love you girls! 

Alright, time to link up! 
1. You must link up to a specific post, not just your blog.
2. You may not link up to a photo in your etsy shop.
3. You may not link up to a photo on your flickr account, it MUST be a blog post.
4. That specific post must be from today, not a random post from a few weeks ago. 
5. Please link back to this blog and/or post somewhere on your post.
6. Have FUN!



  1. I finally linked up!!!
    Happy Saturday!
    Thanks for hosting!

  2. aw, roomies are the best, but paired in a jump shot?! i die from awesomeness.

  3. aww, thank you for choosing my photo kim!!


  4. LOVE those jumping pictures! Priceless~! Thanks for the link up!

  5. love the pic! makes me miss my college roomies!

  6. cupcakes & girlfriends...i just love it!

  7. yum to cupcakes!! i just posted about some too!!


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