Wednesday, June 22, 2011

summer list

hello, bandwagon. jumping on you today. 

Ahhh summer.
I've seen these summer lists around the blogosphere lately and I thought they were such a fun idea. I'm a list maker...they rarely get all crossed off and thrown away, but I'm a list maker nonetheless.  Besides,  these are fun things to cross off the list!

 I want my life to be more intentional. I want my moments to be more enjoyed and savored. I want to live it up and have fun and enjoy the little things this summer. Ergo...the summer list.

Some other items that there wasn't room for on my chalkboard:
style a photoshoot for some friends with chase as the photographer
outdoor concerts
plant an herb garden
time at the pool
continue to commute via bike even when the temps rise
find/read more books that were as good as "the help"
cruise around town on my townie more often
save money ((we are big budgeters, but we rarely save))

What's on your summer list?



  1. i looove lists too! i think it's part of a girl's heritage. you know... same as as boy's ability to pee all over the seat (just to piss us off...) .MOVING ON. i love summer too. too bad it doesn't last very long... so we make the most of it while it's there. we hike as much as we can stand it. overdose on ice cream and "camp" in our backyard every chance we have. cheers to summer! and thanks for the happy list making post ; )


  2. What a great list! I want to take a little roadtrip to the mountains, have lots of time at the pool, get everything on my 'to do before baby gets here in september' list completely finished by mid-Aug, take my kiddo to the zoo, have a fun girls night out, o berry picking with my mom and make jam. Happy summer-ing!

  3. What I great idea! I was inspired by you (and Judy Moody ;-)) to make a summer list of my own - it's on my to-do list for this week - is that a sign of a listaholic (put on your list to make a list)? Anyway...hope your day is a good one!

  4. I think this is by far the most adorable display of your summer list-so adorable! My summer list includes our upcoming vacation, getting my best friend moved back to SF and launching a new blog-horray!

  5. Love it all! And if you find a book better than The Help, make sure you share! Loved that book!!!

  6. oh great list!!! i miss outdoor concerts - i hope i can find more of them here in the south.

    have you read anything by nicole krauss? love her style of writing...and no, she is not a YA FIC writer either. :)


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