Friday, July 1, 2011

favorite things friday: mason jar mania

Today I will profess my love for mason jars. I know, totally wild. The main thing I like about mason jars is that they may be "trendy," but when have they NOT been so? 

I mean..our grandmothers and great grandmothers canned/jarred ((that word looks wrong)) all kinds of fruits, preserves, etc in them, they're great for random storage, sweet tea tastes about a million times better served in them ((am i right or am I right?)), and they're just so darn cute as decoration. 

I'm branching out this week from things you can buy and also including inspiring photos or "looks" for the home, parties, etc. I'm also not making them a collage this week. I'm being rebellious. Ready? OK!

1. I made these cupcakes in a jar inspired by Ruby Ellen last year for Ari's baby shower. I've also seen some pies baked in mason jars. Anything that you can cram into a mason jar that is comprised of sugar & flour & eggs seems to go over well. 

2.This mason jar and firefly stamp set is pure brilliance. I remember warm summer days catching  chasing fireflies in my Memaw's back yard. Sigh. 

3. Loving this tea towel from the pink bathtub on etsy. This would be a darling hostess gift.

4. Are you kidding me? Well, hello perfection in photo form. Found these both via pinterest. Here & Here.  ((still holding strong and don't have an account, but will break any day now)). If mason jars are made for anything, they're made for holding flowers. 

5. Excuse me while I get on cute-sy on you. Just go ahead and try to tell me this isn't one of the cutest things you've ever seen. I won't believe you. Also via pinterest. Would be a super cute gift tag or birthday card. 

6. Finally, mason jars used for lighting. What a bright idea! 

See what I did there?? 

Har Har. 

Only $32 for a strand of 12 from this etsy shop.

What's your favorite way to use mason jars?


ps don't forget about saturday snapshot tomorrow! the prompt is "around the house"..can't wait to see your posts!


  1. That stamp and towel are AMAZING. Love it!

  2. I also LOVE mason jars--old blue ones, new ones...I love them all! Our drinking glasses are mason jars (you are definitely right about sweet tea tasting better in a mason jar). I remember my mamaw using mason jars for drinking glasses when lots of family came over for dinner when I was little :) Great post!

  3. i think i've found my FTF inspiration for another time. mind if i steal your idea?? ;)
    and as for my fave way to use mason jars, i'd have to say that drinking Dr. Pepper out of them is awesome!! :D

  4. Aww, don't feel badly if you caught lightening bugs. My neighborhood friends taught me to smack them with baseball bats and see their little butts glow on the wood. These friends would also catch them and stick them in my back pockets and watch my butt glow. Good times ...

  5. i love mason jars! check out this tutorial i found on pinterest.. i think you'll like it!


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  7. I'm always a fan of using them for flowers and I love the lights!

  8. oh my goodness- I love mason jars! My favorite is to have them hold homemade lemonade or flowers (I may or may not harbor a not-so-secret fantasy of using mason jar-flower centerpieces at my future wedding).
    Love these ideas!

  9. I love all these ideas! Lately my collection of Mason Jars is growing for beverage containers and wedding decorations!! Love them!

  10. kim. I am obsessed with mason jars... I don't know if you're on pinterest... but i have an entire board dedicated to their wonderfulness. ha. :)

    love all your finds!


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