Friday, July 22, 2011

favorite things friday: top 10 favorite movies

Favorite Things Friday this week will feature my top TEN favorite movies of all time. So, in no particular order, here they are.



1. Dumb & Dumber
2. Napoleon Dynamite
3. Hook
4. Big Daddy
5. Elf
6.That Thing You Do
7. The Sandlot
8. Now & Then
9. Julie & Julia
10. ((not pictured)) Meet The Robinson's
((one of mine & chase's first dates was at a drive-in to see this movie!))

What's your favorite movie of all time?



  1. Ohhh great movies!!! One of my all-time faves is very girly- Little Women!! I think I've watched 20+ times!!! Happy Friday to you :)

  2. Ah i love these movies!! Especially Dumb and Dumber and Hook! :D

    My favorite movies are probably:

    The Sound of Music

    Lord of the Rings

    When Harry Met Sally

    The Matrix

    The Boondock Saints

    Remember the Titans and a few more! :D

  3. I love Julie and Julia. My Housemate loves Napoleon Dynamite but I've never seen it.

  4. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy Now and Then. It's been a while, I think I will have to go see if it's on Netflix.
    And Napolean Dynamite, best movie ever.

  5. Oh man, the sandlot and now and then are definitely my two favorite movies of all time. My best friend and I LOVE the sandlot and occasionally, something will spur us to quote it and then we quote it non stop....FOR-EV-RRRR. :)

  6. I laughed so hard I cried in Napoleon Dynamite. I had a good friend in college who was just like Napoleon, for reals. Hilarious!

  7. 1. Slumdog Millionaire.
    2. 127 Hours
    3. Stranger than Fiction
    4. Love Song for Bobby Long (A MUST SEE!)

  8. Great list, I love Dumb and Dumber! I would add Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion and Dirty Dancing. Such classics!

  9. My Fair Lady & Remember the Titans

  10. LOVE this list! I'd also add all the early Audrey Hepburn films and Father of the Bride!

  11. I've never seen Now & Then, but have always wanted to. I'll have to look for it :) I love The Sandlot and Julie & Julia. Great movies!

  12. i honestly don't have a fave "grown up" movie, but cloudy with a chance of meatballs, megamind, and meet the robinsons are my fave little kiddy movies!! :D

  13. LOVED now & then as a kid!! that definitely is a nostalgic movie for me. i used to have a huge crush on devon sawa, haha. remember he showed off his rear end in that movie? don't deny that you looked forward to that part.

  14. i loooove all of those movies - except for 2 but only because i've never seen them. good picks!!!

    as for my fave movie...i have way too many to choose one!

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