Friday, July 15, 2011

favorite things friday: yellow + coral

Happy Friday, friends! I've been loving the combination of yellow & coral lately. It's such a fresh color combo & I keep finding myself finding a way to wear both. Here are some yellow + coral finds that I thought I'd share!

1. Sweet Summer Coffee Cuff ((new design in the shop)) 
2. Summer Sweet Poppy Necklace by RachelleD on etsy. 
3. My Heart Blooms For You print by O'Reilly Ink on etsy. 
4. This "clothesline" fabric by Heather Ross. I just love it! I found it over at one of my favorite online fabric shops, bloomerie

5. Not to mention, I am loving my coral linen toms. :)

Have a lovely weekend! 

Do you have something yellow + coral in your handmade shop? I'd love to see it! Leave a link to it in the comments section!



  1. I keep wanting to get a pair of Toms - I have found one store that sell them here - I'm just trying to justify a new pair of shoes lol.

  2. I do! I have a pair of mustard yellow puff bobbies listed here:

    I also have some coral burnt flower bobbies:

    and lastly, I have a yellow rolled rosette headband (on a robins egg blue threddie)

    I really like those Toms! Also, I love the color coral and have heard it is a universally flattering color. :)

  3. Love this post.

    Here's a coral and yellow item in my shop:

  4. Those toms are really cute! I like the color a lot.

    Here is my coral and yellow item!

  5. love those Toms! :) it's a pity we can't get them here in australia :(

  6. those TOMS are the perfect color!! i want!


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