Tuesday, July 12, 2011

oh, sweet joy ((product love))

Nothing makes me happier ((okay, a few things, but this is WAY up there!)) than people sending me photos of them or their friends, children, etc wearing Oh, Sweet Joy! products. I love it! The support of friends, family, and complete strangers is so humbling & exciting.

Gals wearing rosette headbands. Courtesy of:
My friend from A&M, Kristin

Fabric Frame Necklaces Worn by pretty Lindsay & Heather 

Bekah & cutie pie Erika rocking their turbands! 

Layla & Sophie looking cute as ever in their rosettes :)

Thank you! ((feel free to send me your photo of you wearing Oh, Sweet Joy! products. I'd love to show you off ;) ))



  1. aww that last photo of the baby is so, so adorable!! i really like those rosette headbands.. i should get one for my niece. i should also send you a photo of me wearing my turband!

  2. Love those! I just wish I were brave enough to wear a turban...maybe someday!

  3. you will have all sorts of wedding photos to show off... in a year haha! :)

  4. I need one of those turbans!! SO cute!

  5. I am a new follower and I just wanted to say hi! :)

    Those baby rosettes are TOO precious!


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