Wednesday, August 31, 2011

((favorite blog of the moment))

Sometimes I stumble upon blogs that I look up at the clock and an HOUR as gone by.

Scroll. Click Older Entries. 

Scroll. Older Entries. 

Over and Over.

My favorite blog of the moment is { design seeds }

There is so much color inspiration that I can't even stand it. Working on a room makeover, blog look, product line, Graphic print and need inspiration for color schemes? baddabing. Here you go.

I'm working on a blog overhaul and this is my number one website for direction in color schemes. 

Can you believe all this beauty?

Obsessed. Have fun & don't expect to get much work done in the next hour :)


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

sponsor highlight + giveaway: {just.lovely.things}

Hey guys! Stay tuned for the winners of the previous two giveaways SOON! Entries are still teetering in, so I'm keeping them open for a tiny bit longer!


Today, I am pleased to tell you (for the second time) about the WONDERFULLY talented Heather of {just lovely things}. She is an absolute DOLL of a sponsor. I'm sure you've seen her beautiful creations all around the blogosphere, twitter, and pinterest. Her headbands are to DIE for and her jewelry is equally as stunning. Her shop is just FULL of eye candy, y'all!

Here's a little blurb from Heather:

Hi,  I'm Heather of {just.lovely.things}, an accessories shop & blog, that keeps me very busy. So busy that recently I decided to put 2 of my other passions on hold (aka the day jobs of hairstyling and photography) to focus on this new adventure. Of course I have to make time for my life in Oregon with Mr. Smith, our pup Arthur (the 85 lb beast), and a few life speed bumps along the way that I have no problem venting about sometimes - here & here - I hope that you follow along, come say Hi and in the meantime how about you try and win something eh??

I'd venture so far as to say that Heather is known for her selection of gorgeous headbands, and it's easy to see why! Take a look at these beauties, people!

Today, Heather is offering one lucky ducky of a winner a $25 shop credit! 

But that's not all! We've got a baller code for you to use in the meantime :)

Connect with Heather at the following:

Here's how you enter the giveaway:
Mandatory Entry:
Head on over to {just.lovely.things} and tell me your favorite item 
(if you can pick one!!).

Extra Entries:
1. Follow both Heather (@thingslovely) and myself (@ohsweetjoy) on twitter. (one entry)
2. Be a follower of Yellow Songbird via Google Friend Connect. (one entry)
3. Be a follower of the {just.lovely.things} blog via Google Friend Connect. (one entry)
4. Tweet, Facebook, OR blog about this giveaway. (ONE entry)
 Feel free to use this:
I just entered to win $25 to spend at the @thingslovely shop on @ohsweetjoy's blog!


Monday, August 29, 2011

handmade monday: market booth progress

Well, friends. I've made some progress and the booth is coming together! We bought a fence from resource, which I'm still undecided on whether or not I'll paint it. 

I've made some sketches as far as layout goes to give me an idea of where/how I want things merchandised. 

I bought this rug from Urban Outfitters to fill some empty space in the middle and add a "home-y" feel to my booth. 

I thrifted some $1 metal bins & baskets and spray painted them with a rustic looking brown/bronze.

I made this bench last week to display my owls on ((in above mentioned spray painted baskets/bins.))

I was inspired by some orchard bins that we used as product fixtures at work and decided to make my own rustic looking "oh, sweet joy handmade bin." I love the way it turned out, even though the wood wouldn't soak up the tint like I wanted. However, the color is uneven and I *love* that about it. 

I found a score of a vintage window at Eclectix ((a GEM of a vintage shop on Pearl St.)). This Anna Maria Horner fabric I had on hand will be perfect to achieve the look I was going for ((mentioned in this post)). It will also be a great edition to the guest bedroom while I'm not using it at market. 

I bought these cute hooks at anthropologie to add to the fence for handbags.

And finally, I'm working on a project this week that is turning something hideously ugly from urban outfitters into an incredibly shabby chic fixture for headbands and/or necklaces, so stay tuned ;)

Hooray! I now just need to crank out some inventory. Anyone wanna come over and make some rosettes, coffee cuffs, rings, necklaces, earrings, skirts, dresses, and owls? I pay in Oh, Sweet Joy loot! 



Friday, August 26, 2011

favorite things friday: ssekos!!!

My favorite things this Friday are many, but I'll keep it simple and just claim Ssekos. 

Here are some sseko style photos from the week and a super silly video I made that will *hopefullly* let me bring home the prize this week! :)

Day 11 entry:
sseko feet are happy feet from kim davis on Vimeo.

Some of my best friends are in town from Texas and I'm loving hanging out with them and showing them around Boulder. Have a lovely weekend!!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

recipe: tortellini salad

I've been wanting to share this recipe with you guys for so long, as it's one of my favorites and definitely one of my go-to meals. For one of my bridal showers back in the day, someone made this for the luncheon/kitchen shower and I l-o-v-e-d it. It's now a staple in the Davis household. You can serve it hot or cold and it's delicious either way. You can change the flavors up with the type of veggies you use, too. 

Here we go!

Tortellini Salad

Vegetables ((zucchini, squash, bell pepper, mushrooms, onion, you name it!))
Pesto ((or ingredients to make your own, it's SO easy!))
Tortellini ((I buy the Buitoni kind that has cheese in it in the dairy section, but for a cheaper meal, just boxed pasta will do!))
Chicken Breasts
Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper

-Chop vegetables

-Heat up olive oil in skillet and cook veggies until they are browned a little and cooked through. I also season mine with some garlic salt.

((option: you can grill your veggies & chicken, we just can't use ours at our condo, so I cook it in the skillet))

-Once the veggies are done, put in bowl and set aside.

-Boil water and prepare pasta as shown on package. 

-Heat up more olive oil and season chicken with italian seasoning, garlic salt, and salt/pepper.

While the pasta & chicken are cooking, this is when I make my pesto. Toss some basil leaves, pine nuts, chopped garlic, parmesan cheese, (I don't measure. oops), and olive oil into food processor and add olive oil until it is desired consistency.

((note to self. pesto looks gross in photos))

-Slice or cube the chicken

-Drain the pasta

-Toss pesto, chicken, veggies, and pasta together in large bowl. Season with salt & pepper and sprinkle with fresh parmesan. 

Enjoy and refrigerate left it cold for lunch the next day. YUM!


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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

sponsor highlight + group giveaway: cotton + wood, twillypop, splendor

It's not too late to enter last week's fabric giveaway from My Little Sunshine Fabric! Click here to head to that giveaway post. 

In other housekeeping news, I'm going to do group giveaways a little bit differently, but it's kind of exciting. ONE winner will now be picked. That means ONE winner will win ALL of the prizes that the group giveaway has to offer. Lucky duck!


I'm excited to share three of my wonderful sponsors with you today. They are all three super talented ladies with totally different talents and beautiful products to offer. Let's get started!

First up, we have Cotton + Wood. I first started chatting with Rebecca last September when I was planning my HUGE blogiversary giveaway. That was fun wasn't it? :)

Her shop has completely changed direction and I would say it's even more appealing now that she sells pillow covers, FABRIC, and fun fabric flowers. Her work is colorful and happy, which I would venture to say describes sweet Rebecca's personality. 

Rebecca is offering one reader a $25 store credit to her shop! That can get you all kinds of loot, friends. 



It's SO encouraging to me when someone wants to advertise on Yellow Songbird that has a product that is completely unique and their own. Not to mention, that product is fun, pretty, and downright one.of.a.kind. You can imagine my excitement when I started chatting with Sara of Twillypop. She makes jewelry and accessories out of ribbon and pretty pearls that are woven in a way that I have TRULY never ever seen before. SO cool, y'all. 

Sara is offering one reader this pretty pretty necklace! So classy and versatile. 

Not to mention...


Splendor is a shop that is full of pretty floral jewelry. I have a necklace from Splendor that I *adore* and it's the perfect layering piece! It adds a pop of coral to a boring outfit and it's quickly become one of my favorites. 

Not to mention, the gal behind Splendor, Laura, is quickly becoming a dear friend. She has such a big heart, is eager to learn and do things with integrity and I just love that. Not to mention, she's a hot mama. Seriously. 

Laura is offering one of these necklaces to the winner of today's group giveaway. The winner gets to pick the color! Can I pick "all of them?" :)


To enter this GROUP giveaway, all you have to do is tell me what your favorite thing you've EVER made is! Easy peasy.

To earn extra entries:
1. visit each shop/blog and tell me what your favorite items are in EACH shop (one entry). 
2. follow yellow songbird via Google Friend Connect (one entry).
3.  tweet/facebook/blog about this giveaway (one entry).  
Feel free to use this:
GROUP HIGHLIGHT + GIVEAWAY on @ohsweetjoy's blog, featuring @twillypop, @cotton_wood, & splendor (@lauracaddell)!

ONE winner will be announced sometime next week and will win ALL of the prizes with a total value of over $60! Have fun!


Monday, August 22, 2011

handmade monday: furniture makeover

Once upon a time I went thrifting. My friend pointed out this bench and said "that has potential."
I agreed. The price was right at a mere $10. 

I'll take it. Mr. Bench/Ottoman, you're coming with me.

I had plenty to do that day, but I couldn't just let it sit there all southwestern and ugly in my house. I immediately took the screws out, got out the staple gun, raided my fabric stash for yellow hues and got to work.

It was such a simple project. I picked out my fabrics, cut out long rectangles (no, I didn't measure because that's how I roll) and sewed them together. After pressing them flat, I stretched it over the original upholstery and stapled away. I then put the screws back in and voila!

I love how it turned out, don't you?? I questioned whether or not I should paint it and decided no. I just love it's rustic charm and the wood is in great condition. It will be a great addition to my handmade market booth and home in the meantime!

Have you "upcycled" any furniture lately?


Sunday, August 21, 2011

30 ways in 30 days recap ((week 1))

The first week of Sseko Designs' 30 ways in 30 days contest has come to an end and *tear* i didn't win. I have three more shots at it, so I'm keeping my fingers ((and toes)) crossed.

I'm motivated to come up with some new things next week so that maybe I'll stick out a little more ;) Stay tuned. Here are my 7 entries, complete with outfit photos :) Maybe I'll link up to WIWW next week since I already did all the work! 

Wish me luck!
((I don't really believe in luck, but I felt that phrase was appropriate here...ha! I want to win!))