Thursday, August 18, 2011

adventures of the wandering whippy cake!

It's that time again! It's the last round of "Adventures of the Wandering Whippy Cakes" 
((sad face)) ((not really, i'm ready to get my neutral one back. these crazy colors are killing me!))

The starring role of this edition is:

This time I had Sandy's original Whippy Cake, House Puppet and had fun styling it! I wore it as a clip, headband, brooch, AND a fun little embellishment on my fedora. 

That's my favorite thing about Whippy Cakes, that they can be worn SO many different ways. ((ps right now she has a sale code on her blog!))

Here's a full outfit shot & breakdown:

Tunic: Boutique from our time overseas
Braided Belt: Anthropologie 
Pants: Stevies by AG ((from anthropologie)) 

Make sure you check out the other gals' posts with their Whippy Cakes!



  1. You goh-jus.

    Uh, I think you are mistaken about it being the last round. I haven't had Sandy's yet. You get mine next. Lots of fun colors for you. Mauahaha!

  2. Love your outfit! That tunic is so cute.

  3. yay for FUN colors!!! you style them soo well!! love that you showed it off in different forms!!! :D

  4. Love those colors...I think this one is my favorite! I would wear the broach for sure. Your outfit is super cute too :)

  5. How beautiful!! I love all the different ways you styled it Kim!! xo

  6. ooooh - so cute! look at you in those bright colors. i'm so proud. ;) love the whippycake and those colored pants - yeah!

  7. You are too darn cute-love that pop of magenta!

  8. i'm with you: love the colorful ones but I would stick with the neutral whenever I had the chance! ps can i borrow your dress? it's adorbs!


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