Friday, August 12, 2011

favorite things friday

Hey you guys! I feel like I have been absent from the blogosphere this week. I've been working a LOT and trying to catch up on orders when I'm home...not to mention we had places to be Monday, Tuesday, AND Wednesday time has been a little short! 

I'm going to be a total slacker and share my favorite instagram photos from the week. 
Enjoy & have a wonderful weekend! 


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  1. That bag is adorable! Is it one that you made?

    Also, love that "cook this" list. :)

  2. Love it! Here's my version -

    Thanks for letting me borrow "Favorite things friday." I don't have an iPhone, so no Instagramming for me :(

  3. visiting from life rearranged, Love all your insta pics, your blog is so cool! That bag is so cute!

    Happy friday!

  4. such an incredible bag. love the print!

  5. your posting is great, i like it very much


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