Tuesday, September 27, 2011

the davises go to the denver zoo

Last week, Chase and I went on a "day date" to the Denver Zoo. It was a perfect Colorado fall day and we loved spending it outside. Here are some photos from our outing!

And what's a trip to the zoo without some cotton candy? A lame one, that's what. 
Good thing we found some! 

What's your favorite part of the zoo? My favorites are the giraffes and the cotton candy :)



  1. Ooh its definitly got to be the penguins or meerkats and an ice cream! looks like you guys had a fun day!x

  2. we love the zoo...seeing I have little ones anything that moves is great fun for them. :)

  3. What fun!!
    That cotton candy looks delicious!!
    I really want to visit the zoo soon!
    I haven't been in years!

  4. Giraffes are my favorite, but I'm a total sucker for a zoo! What a perfect day date!

  5. going to a zoo (a BIG zoo) is on my bucket list; looks like you & the hubs had a great time!

  6. Ha. That is the perfect cotton candy mustache! :)


  7. we just went to the zoo the other weekend too!! i LOVE when animals do funny things, my faves are polar bears and elephants and monkeys!!

  8. oh this looks like sooo much fun (: I'm following you, from Creatives fb!! can't wait to totally stalk you (in a good, non creepy way)

  9. awe, fun! i love the denver zoo! & of course, cotton candy is always a good choice! :)


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