Friday, September 2, 2011

favorite things friday: fabric stash

I will be the first to admit that my fabric stash is out of control. However, I LOVE being able to dream up a project and BAM being able to find the perfect fabric already in my studio/craft closet or in one of my many plastic bins. 

I get asked time & time again where I find my fabrics that I use, so, in honor of National Sewing Month, I thought I'd use today's Favorite Things Friday to share my favorite places (online) to buy fabric! Today, I'm sharing my secrets!

For me, the key is finding shops with great selection, decent prices, fair shipping costs, saturated color, unique designs, and high quality designer fabrics.  So, in no particular order, here they are! Just click their banner to be taken to their websites, most of which are actually on Etsy. Easy peasy!

What's your favorite place to buy fabric? 

Have a happy weekend!



  1. Happy National Sewing Month! Thanks for sharing your faves :)

  2. Starring this post in my reader so I can remember it...thanks for sharing, Kim!

    I currently buy almost all of my fabric at Joann's. Not the best selection, but they do have some nice choices. I'm usually buying very small cuts for bloom brooches, so I hate spending the $$ on shipping. However, there are some designer fabrics I'd love to get my hands I'll check out these shops! ;)

  3. i will have to check those out! i loooove fabric. i actually dream of having a little studio once we move to a bigger place where I can stack them nicely and where i can see them.
    i get most of my fabric now from this little store that is ironically right across from a joannes fabrics and a g street fabrics. it is PACKED with fabric and it's one of the places where its so "mom and pop" if you like it, you better get it and thats all you'll have. but the designs and options are out of this world, and cheaper.bonus!


  4. Well, I just might have to go do some shopping! I've been loving Hawthorne Threads at the moment. They've had a flat $5 shipping fee for a while now, and I love having the option to browse fabric by color. Happy weekend!

  5. YAY for National Sewing Month!!

  6. National sewing month! i am so out of the loop! Thanks for the shout out--so happy to be among your faves :) as for the fabric can imagine how out of control mine is with all the bolts i have just tempting me to find a cute project to use them for :)

  7. I just found your blog and I am so excited to read it! New follower... right here! :)

  8. love love love a fabric I fall in love with at first sight; it makes me want to attempt sewing again. ;)

  9. My favorite is Sew Love Fabrics, so I was glad to see it on your list! I love supporting her shop and it helps that we live in the same city. :)


  10. thanks for sharing...
    click on


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