Monday, October 24, 2011

handmade monday: small talk studio

Small Talk is a shop that I've stumbled upon recently that I literally kept saying, "Chase, look at this print!" and "Oh my gosh, Chase look at these cute cards!" over & over. I recently received a few items from this shop and was amazed at the quality of her work. I was giddy when it all arrived! Especially these fun fox cards.  

Alyssa is the mastermind behind the gorgeous artwork and handmade craftsmanship over at Small Talk Studio. She just recently opened her shop back up, so go stock up on prints for your home, apartment, office, or for Christmas gifts!

 Let's read what she has to say about her sweet handmade shop, shall we?

((we shall))

What inspires you most?
First and foremost I'm inspired by the people that surround me. I've been lucky enough to have some incredibly talented, creative, and ambitious friends. Their energy alone motivates me to constantly create work and search for new ventures. Visually I'd say I'm drawn to vintage objects and that aesthetic, as well as Scandinavian and mid-century patterns and illustrations. Recently I've been drooling over the work of Danielle Kroll, Ping Zhu, and Meg Hunt (always drooling over Meg's work). I really love the texture, looseness, and painterly feel of work created by these artists and these are things I'd like to experiment with in my own work. Traveling always inspires me, and I'm hoping my recent move to Minnesota will bring some excitement to my work as well.
What's your favorite color/color scheme?
Not that you would guess this by looking at my work, but my favorite color is grey. I love all tones of grey. As far as color scheme goes, I've been really drawn to warm colors like orange, pink-red, and mustard recently. Maybe the change of seasons has something to do with that!

What is your favorite part about running your handmade biz?
My favorite part about running a homemade business is being able to be really in touch with the people that like and buy my work. Nothing makes me happier than positive feedback, and I'm always striving to offer new items that will be appreciated by my customers. I'm always up for suggestions, or recommendations when it comes to new ideas for prints, and I hope to be able to grow my business to offer more fun and exciting products.

Alyssa has generously offered Oh, Sweet Joy! readers the following code for free shipping off your orders. (holla!)

Make sure you check out more from Alyssa at the following places, you will no doubt be inspired by her creativity, her passion, and her work!

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  1. i just popped over to her shop , her work is gorgeous! i think i'm gonna have to treat myself to something :) thanks for the code! xo

  2. Just lovely stuff! I want the happiness is homemade mixer print as im a bit of a baking fiend!x


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