Thursday, October 20, 2011


This year instead of a blogiversary giveaway party, I wanted to invest my time into something that will directly help handmade shop owners & do a Holiday Gift Guide. SO, with that said, I am so pumped to announce:

Mark your calendars, peeps! 

I L-O-V-E featuring handmade shops that work so hard to create fabulous goods AND helping people not necessarily in this "handmade bubble" to find some wonderful gifts for their loved ones. This is the perfect solution. 

Here's how it works:

The gift guide will be an entire week of posts ((one category a day)) starting on Monday and ending on Saturday. It will be such a fun handmade party! I'm more than excited to highlight and feature so many talented shops...and help you get your Christmas shopping done early!

The categories include, but are not limited to:
baby + children
adorned (jewelry)
sewn (fabric fun - quilts, handbags, bunting, etc)
accessories (headbands, scarves etc)
fashion & vintage (clothing, shoes, housewares, etc)
sweets (edibles - cake pops, cookies etc)

The fee for each participating shop will be $20 and will come with more than just a spot in the gift guide (details upon acceptance). Shops will also be asked to supply a discount code for the "Handmade Holiday" Gift Guide readers. 

This is SUCH a great way to drive extra traffic to your shop during peak shopping months. You will be exposing your shop to not only my faithful readers, but also to every other participating shops' "fans" as they tell their customers about "Handmade Holidays!"

There are a (very) limited amount of spots in each category, so act fast!

Want to be included in the fun? Email me  (KimDavis09ATgmailDOTcom) to "enter" your shop. 
You will be emailed upon acceptance into the "Handmade Holidays" Gift Guide.
(I wish I could accept everyone, there's just not time for that. womp womp) 

ps thanks to Yellow Heart Art for the baller graphic!
NOTE: this is not a giveaway, but simply a gift guide in the form of a highlight and feature. 


  1. This is such a great idea-I can't wait for the holidays!

  2. umm i LOVE the little sign you made for this post! you are adorbs!!!

  3. what a fabulous idea! I love it!!

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing these picks!!! :) Saw you in the mag finally, btw!!! It was awesome!! My only complaint is that your piece wasn't longer, next time you should get the cover spot for sure!! :) Hope today's been a happy one!! :)

  5. I emailed you but haven't heard back. Does that mean I didn't make the "cut"?
    Thanks ;)


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