Monday, October 10, 2011

tie it around your neck

One of my favorite things about the seasons changing from summer to fall and fall to winter is the dependency on scarves. I L-O-V-E how a scarf can totally transform your outfit into a "put-together" look -- even if it's a comfy day wearing jeans and a zip-up hoodie!

I've always had fun finding new ways to tie my scarves and I often get comments and emails asking me how I tied it. Although it's rather difficult to explain via email how to tie a scarf - I found this fun diagram (here) on scarf tying that I wanted to pass along. 
((#5 is my go-to that I get the most compliments on!))

Fun, right? Print that sucker off and put it in your closet. 

 I also wanted to show you some of my favorite scarf finds so far. I'm partial to cowls & infinity scarves because they're so cozy, but I've been taking all of my "regular" scarves and tying them to give that cowl illusion. ENDLESS options! Here are some fun ones I found this weekend. 

1. Neroli Scarf $58 - Anthropologie
2. Sage Triangle Scarf - Nonas Note *HANDMADE!*
3. Beatrice Scarf $38 - Fossil 
4. Rustic Floral Eternity Scarf by Kimchi Blue $29 - Urban Outfitters

tell me about your favorite scarf, why don't ya? :)



  1. love this post! it is awesome and thanks for sharing!!! it's going to be a scarf kind of winter!!!

  2. This is great! Thanks for sharing! I really need ideas how to pur the scarf around my neck. I'm gonna have fun with scarves!


  3. i loooove scarves and the different ways they can be worn - just bought another one the other day. hehe.

  4. Thanks for sharing this "how to" on scarfs. I love to make and wear this scarf

  5. I always style my scarves much like #1 or #4 but I really like the look of #2!! I may have to try that style out!!

  6. Im a scarf addict! I have far to many and always need more! These are some realy nice ideas for different ways to tie, i like #5 too!x

  7. Love this-I'm itching to try it out when I leave the office tonight!

  8. I just got an adorable infinity scarf from Target this afternoon. Loooooove it! :)

  9. Love this so much. LOVE #6, gotta practice so when my weather gets scarf-able I can rock this out! xo

  10. i posted this scarf how to on my blog a few weeks ago!! it's SUCH a great guide!! and a girl can never have enough scarves!!!

  11. I love scarves! They can dress up anything. I wear them pretty much year round. This is my favorite video on how to tie them. You can click on each individual type of tie for a separate tutorial. It's fantastic!

  12. I love scarves too-- they're the perfect layering piece! My favorite scarf is a grey one I picked up in Guatemala.

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