Tuesday, November 8, 2011

all that glitters & pinterest

I wanted to buy these shoes, but even with my discount I just couldn't justify the cost...which is a miracle in itself if we're honest with each other. This girl can justify shoes until the cows come home.

Ignore that saying. I grew up on a farm ((or so Chase likes to believe)).

Who distracted me?


I had an old pair of target flats that probably cost me twelve bucks. The bronze was rubbing off and they were looking a bit um...for lack of a better word...ghetto.

What??! I said "for lack of a better word," so it's not offensive!

Anywho, this past weekend I finally got a pinterest account. 

Bye, Bye spare time.

Pinterest somehow led me to this blog, where I found this tutorial and decided to make muh-self some sparkle shoes!




  1. welcome to the time warp of pinterest. You're good that you actually did a project from there! I usually stick it on a board and tell myself.. later, i'll do this later. :)

  2. It looks so easy yet SO fun and fancy!

  3. so cute and I have the perfect CHEAPO flats from Walmart that would work perfectly!!! thanks

  4. Hahah, that's sooo cool! I'll try and remember it for the next time I have an a pair of shoes beyond expiry date.

  5. Love these! Pinned it. I have two pair of tired looking flats that won't get tossed now. You've saved them. ;)

  6. Those are very cute! Oh, and welcome to Pinterest :)

  7. i've gotta say that i like these way better than the anthro ones....

  8. you are amazing! these shoes are amazing!! will you make me a pair!? ;)


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