Monday, November 14, 2011

Oh, Sweet Joy's Handmade Holidays: Paper

Hello everyone! It's finally here! Welcome to the Handmade Holidays Gift Guide, a week long guide to handmade gifts for everyone in your family! There will be a post each day with a different category for you to shop. I will highlight numerous shops and you will be rewarded with a limited time discount code for each one! It's a win-win situation here, people! Hardworking entrepreneurs will get some wonderful exposure and you will get your Christmas shopping done early! Black Friday, Schmlack Friday! There will also be a surprise at the end, so stay tuned. YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS IT!

Today, I will be kicking off the Gift Guide with the Paper category. Graphic design is not my strong suit, and I applaud all who do it, and so well! This fun category will help you find some Christmas cards, quirky gifts for those you love, and some inspiration, no doubt. 

Let's hop to it, shall we?

Graphic Art Prints - $20

Vespa Pillow - $22.75 

Leonora creates quirky, whimsical, and downright awesome prints for the home, studio, and anywhere else in-between. 

Shop Yellow Heart Art here & use the code OHJOY10 for 10% off!


Graphic Art Prints - $20
Camera Pillow - $24.50 

A New History focuses on sweet prints for the home. Find a gift for a newlywed couple, a special kiddo in your life, or for yourself to make your home a bit brighter. What's YOUR partner in crime? ;)

Shop A New History here & use code OHSWEETJOY for free shipping (in the USA)


Christmas Cards - $2.50
Art Prints - $15

My Little Buffalo is run by Lisa, who creates affordable and stylish stationery that has that certain *wink* about it. Each piece has a great truth or a great sense of humor. Win!

Shop My Little Buffalo HERE & use code BUFFALO for a special discount. 


"No Matter the Season" 8X10 - $15.99
Miscellaneous Greeting Card Sets - $14.99

Claiming (and delivering!) "Graphic Design for Everyone," Madaline is an Arkansas Razorback Fan (WPS!) that has a distinct style in her work. Her prints and stationery sets are delicate, colorful, and truly one.of.a.kind. Custom orders are her specialty, so let her create something special for you today!

Shop Paper Clouds HERE & use code HANDMADEHOLIDAYS15 for 15% off your purchase!


Unique prints $20

Featured on a recent Handmade Monday post here on the blog, Alyssa is the girl behind the gorgeous and colorful prints of Small Talk Studio. Anyone who sews in your life would adore this "Full Bobbin" print and if your mom loves to bake, why not frame the "Happiness is Homemade" print for her?!

Shop Small Talk HERE & use code SWEETJOY12 for free shipping!


See you tomorrow for more Handmade Holiday Gift Guide goodness! In the meantime, 


  1. Ooh so many lovely things! Swoon! I'm off to explore more...thanks for all the loveliness!x

  2. They are all so lovely! I plan to do some Christmas shopping :)

  3. Thanks for these great features! Handmade holidays doesn't mean you have to make everything, buying handmade counts too! YAY.

  4. How I love gift guides-I'm sharing mine this week, too!

  5. ooo thanks for introducing me to some new sweet shops!! :D


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