Wednesday, November 30, 2011

stitched ornaments, garland, or gift toppers ((a tutorial))

Have you ever:
*Been sold on a sewing machine simply because it had so many stitch options, only to have never used them years later ((except for the zig zag stitch))?
*Wanted to spruce up your Christmas gifts with a sweet, homemade touch?
*Needed a little something extra on your tree or in your Christmas decor?

Well then, I've got the perfect cute, simple & festive tutorial for you today!

Here's what you'll need:
Felt (the thicker the better)
Miscellaneous Thread Colors
Sharp scissors (otherwise, it will just fray the felt and make it look all wonky)
Your trusty sewing machine

Ready of the fun part?

Cut out random ornament shapes from your felt. I just free-handed mine, but feel free to print off some stencils if you're OCD particular like that. 

Pick your thread & select your stitch.

Have fun with miscellaneous stitches & thread colors to embellish your ornaments!

Using a needle & thread, sew a loop of thread onto the top of your ornament or use some hot glue and attach to your gifts. Who doesn't enjoy a little extra cuteness?

Fun options/ideas:
Make a garland out of your stitched felt ornaments.
Use metallic thread for even more glam!
Hang on your tree.
Cut out letters and spell out something fun on your mantle. ((Joy, Hark!, Love, Merry))

And speaking of decor...I added this to my Christmas decor yesterday. It makes me so happy! ((moved the garland from the fireplace so that I can hang stockings this week!))


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  1. you are so cute! I love all your fun decorations and projects lately!

  2. very fun! now I just need a sewing machine :)

  3. This looks so sweet as a garland! Great idea =) x

  4. these are so wonderful! thank you so much for sharing! : )

  5. Oh..sooo clever! i too have a machine with lots of stitches that I have never used..maybe not now! CUTE!!

    would LOVE for you to link up to our "Home For The Holidays" link party!

  6. love it, Kim!!! i needed some inspiration to get out my sewing machine and now i have it--- many thanks!!! i love the felt you chose too...been wanting to "felt" some old sweaters :)

  7. These are wonderful!!!



  8. Cute idea, Kim! My machine is pretty simple, but I bet just the zig-zags would be really fun. ;)

  9. those are so cute! i'm getting that exact sewing machine for christmas (I bought it for myself but David won't let me use it so he can wrap it & put it under the tree ha ha) so maybe next year! love it :)

  10. I love that chalkboard with the delightful message! I now want to make one! :) If I had a sewing machine, I would be all over this ornament idea, too!

  11. oh how pretty! this is such a sweet idea :)

  12. This is great!
    Too bad I don't have a sewing machine :(

  13. Just lovely! I'll be attaching these to my gifts this year. LOTS of left over felt & this is a perfect project. Thanks for the inspiration. Enjoy the snowy day :)

  14. Cute ornaments! Stopping by from Gussy :)

  15. That really makes a gift extra special!

    New follower from Gussy :)

  16. Such a cute cute idea! Thanks for sharing!


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