Monday, November 21, 2011

texas or bust//a little holiday decorating


Chase and I are on our way to Texas! We are only driving half way today, staying with some dear friends in Amarillo, and then heading the rest of the way to Dallas tomorrow. We have a bag stocked with junk food, fashion magazines ((for me, not for Chase. Ha!)), and a cooler of Dr Pepper. Road trip!!!!!

Don't tell anyone, but I started decorating for Christmas this weekend. That way, when we get back from the great state of Texas, it will already be festive up in this hizzouse! 
((no, YOU just said "hizzouse." i would never be so ridiculous))

((felted letter ornaments - West Elm - I spelled out "hark!"))
((christmas trees - tutorial HERE))
((snowflake ornaments - NS Pottery))
((spools of velvet ribbon - anthropologie)) 
((everything else - handmade))

I hope you all enjoy a wonderful week of family, friends, turkey, and malls already overplaying Christmas music. 



  1. Aw, i love the handmade vibe and the cool colour palette of reds and aqua, loving that combo right now!x

  2. Oh my goodness! Those velvet spools are to die for!!!

  3. EEP-how darling! I LOVE those snowglobes!!

  4. Did you make the cord the HARK hangs from? It's adorable. Is it braided fabric? I can't tell.

  5. your decorations are ADORABLE girl! have fun in texas!

  6. Best time of year:-) I love the transition from Thanksgiving food to Christmas food and everything in between! xoxo

  7. i love those felt pretend fairy lights. they are so cute!


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