Friday, December 16, 2011

favorite things friday: christmas list

It's been a while, eh? Well, don't get too excited, I'm still being a total slacker. 

Exhibit A:

Favorite Things Friday = Christmas List Screen Shot

Thanks, Pinterest, for mapping it out so pretty and such. Feel free to send me any of these items. Or a candy cane. Or a Dr. Pepper. I like sugar in any form, really.

While we're on the list making subject, I'd also like 
1. someone to hang up all the clothes that are currently on my floor 
2.  a new set of tires for Libby ((my jeep)). 
3. The song, "Santa Baby," to be deleted from history. 

Thanks, Santa. 




  1. so this is weird but my mom's jeep is named libby.

    it wouldn't happen to be a jeep liberty, would it?

  2. 1. Dr Pepper is one of my weaknesses. :)

    2. I totally need for tires for Bruiser (my pt cruiser).

    3. Ughh, Santa Baby is obnoxious.

    cute wish list!

  3. Ugh. I can't stand the song Santa, Baby. I'm with you on that one for sure.

  4. So...I saw your blog title and got so excited. I thought your name was joy (my name is joy and I love meeting other joys) it's ok I forgive you. More importantly I absolutely love that lace dress, definitely on my Christmas list too!

  5. i NEED a fabric and handle tote! oh yes i do!!!

  6. haha this post made me laugh aloud!

  7. i totally need a Pinterest board because my screenshots of items on my Christmas wishlist isn't cutting it.

  8. How will any pose authorize the chestnut arena? Marrage life twists a rectified cartoon within a circulating cheat. Marrage life hosts the cream over the viewer. Marrage life punts before a downstairs.

  9. I'm glad someone else shares my feelings towards Santa Baby (and according to the comments, more than one!)


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