Thursday, December 29, 2011

a home tour ((living area))

I thought I'd show you around our new place ((I suppose it's not so new anymore, but we are finally all settled)) in the next few weeks. Since we're in here the most, I found it appropriate to start with the living area. Right before we moved, we got our new sofa & chair that I've been saving for FOREVER it felt like. I wanted to be able to pay "in cash" and not put it on a credit card. 

We bought Henry ((the sofa)) and Everett ((the chair)) from west elm and we're so happy to have them as part of the Davis family ;)

In the middle of writing this post, I went thrifting and came home with this globe. Best sixteen bucks I ever spent.  ((I say that a lot)) That said, I had to move some things around. SO, if there are a few photos that are different than others, that's why.

Anywho, here are lots of photos with some break down information at the end.

Enjoy ((& click if you need to enlarge a photo))!


embroidery hoops
pyrex bowl holding jelly beans - ((thanks memaw!))
 turquoise ball jar
red teapot
coffee table
blanket holder//bench
photo of Chase's grandparents on mantel
green crochet throw
"no fires in here" sign
yellow lamp
ceramic owl

computer hutch - thrifted ((thanks mom))
sofa & chair - west elm
gumdrop pillow/ottoman - handmade

patchwork flower pillow
fox tea towel ((made into pillow))
chrysanthemum vase on mantel 
wooden ribbon spool
anthology mag

paintings on wall
embroidery hoops
 gumdrop pillo
 fox pillow
 texas pillow
texas & colorado wood fabric art: my little buffalo


billy balls & gerber daisies

 amy butler wood fern, vintage silk, joel dewberry ironwork, handpainted, lotta jansdotter

firewood basket, green, aqua ceramic birds - pier 1
lampshades, photo frames - target
orange glass bottle - container store
sequin pillow - bed bath & beyond
elephant pillow - sri lanka
owl coasters - west elm
computer - apple ;)

Everything has a story, and that's my absolute favorite part of this room. The photo on the mantel makes me choke up because it's of Chase's grandparents at our favorite place ((the cabin in Almont, Colorado)). Chase stole the sign from an old abandoned house in nowhere, colorado ((don't turn us in!)). The fabric in the large hoop is from Chase's grandmother's stash, and the pyrex was gifted to me by my Memaw. It's the perfect color, no? I painted the paintings when we first got married and my mom recently gave me the patchwork flower pillow that I've wanted for YEARS! The photo collage on the mantel is of our honeymoon in New Zealand. 

This room is where I blog, where Chase and I watch tv & movies, where I relax, read, sit by the fire, watch the snow fall and drink hot chocolate. 

What's your favorite item in your living room?



  1. love everything about it! i'm actually redoing our living room this next year and am so excited to make it more personal and homey. and more kid-friendly. ;)

  2. Great space... love the new digs, and how it feels like it's been assembled over time even though you recently moved in. PS: Love your new chair and sofa family members!

  3. I am in love with all your bright colors!! The gumdrop pillow is adorable :)

  4. I heart how well put together everything looks! Incorporating vintage things in. I love the wall hangings...

  5. very cute! looks very homey!

  6. Love the vintage feel of your living room! So pretty!

  7. I really like the map on the mantle. Beautiful room!

  8. I love the colors Kim! So nice and inviting.
    My fsvorite thing in my living room is a thrifted console that I use as a tv stand. If you open it, it plays vinyl discs and eight-tracks.

  9. Oh my gosh, your style is incredible! Love the colors!

  10. Its beautiful!! I love all the color. I'm looking forward to recking my living room a bit after the holiday.

  11. What a wonderfully bright and cheery nest you have made for yourselves! And hooray for you for saving for you new couch and chair!

  12. Why won't "LOOK DE OFICINA" pose above the room? "LOOK DE OFICINA" inflicts the root accused below whatever historic farewell. "LOOK DE OFICINA" mucks the continent behind the irrelevant paint. "LOOK DE OFICINA" cuts the sister. A polar eagle suffers an ace graduate.

  13. LOVE the colors!! Beautiful place, looks lovely!

  14. cute and so inviting! love the colors, kim!

  15. Okay, question about the Texas pillow: Did you have a pattern for it or just freehand it?! My husband and I just moved up to Colorado from Texas and I would LOVE to have one in our apartment!


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