Wednesday, January 11, 2012

29 ways to stay inspired & creative

this list is in my personal shopping binder at work and i love reading it weekly. i don't know where it originated from (please let me know if you know!) but i thought i'd share. 

1. make lists
2. carry a notebook everywhere
3. try free writing
4. get away from the computer
5. quit beating yourself up

6. take breaks
7. sing in the shower
8. drink coffee
9. listen to new music
10. be open

11. surround yourself with positive people
12. get feedback
13. collaborate
14. don't give up
15. practice, practice, practice

16. allow yourself to make mistakes
17. go somewhere new
18. count your blessings
19. get lots of rest
20. take risks

21. break the rules
22. don't force it
23. read a page of the dictionary
24. create a framework
25. stop trying to be someone else's perfect

26. got an idea? write it down
27. clean your workspace
28. have fun
29. finish something

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  1. What a great and inspiring list! Thanks xxx

  2. I especially loved 16. allow yourself to make mistakes and 27. clean your workspace.

    16. because I had to learn a part of this lesson yesterday as I could not resist the bestest cookies on earth in the midst of my whole living action plan diet.

    27. because I rather spend my whole day cleaning my workspace than to actually get started...

    but you know what...
    22. don't force it :)

    thanks for the inspiring post.

    Love and Hugs
    Visit me?

  3. This is such a fab post! There is quite a few things here I do already...make lists, carry notebook, sing in the shower etc but there are some great new ones Im going to try... I especially like num 25, thats going to be my new motto!x

  4. I totally agree with cleaning your workspace. Nothing puts me in the mood to create like a clean, organized workspace. Also, I'd say turn off the computer every now and then. The internet is full of inspiring blogs, photos and project ideas, but sometimes, it makes me feel overwhelmed and like the most un-creative person alive.

  5. I love this. I'll have to write it down somewhere so I can remember to do these things! ;)

  6. I try to do most of these things to stay creative. Love this list! It's very important not to beat yourself up over things and try to be perfect. Our unique little quirks make us special and everyone is on a different path in their lives. Everyone will get their chance to shine. Thank you for including my print in your very inspiring post :)

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  9. simple + sweet + necessary.

    Thanks for sharing, Kim.

  10. Love this! I'm big on #1, 2, 8, & 27! I love #23 :)

  11. I love these kinds of lists. Somehow, just reading tips on how to stay inspired makes me inspired! Is that weird?

  12. I have such a hard time with the last one. I start project after project and don't finish. It's my new year's resolution.

    Great post!

  13. Thank you for this, I loved it!


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