Wednesday, January 25, 2012

bold prints

I used to only wear solids and if there was any pattern, it was only in texture.  Even though I have had an ongoing love affair with textiles for years, the "print" bug never bit me until recently. And now? I can't stop. 

For example, I purchased this blouse  and this blouse a while ago. Seriously? Snails? Weird looking owls? On a shirt? 

For real, though, I love seeing my personal style evolve as I push the limits with what I'm comfortable wearing. Here are some prints I'd love to have in my wardrobe. They're a little bit quirky and a little bit awesome. **wink**

Here are a few favorite prints I've found cruising around the interwebs.

If you're a jeans and a solid tee type of girl, no worries. You can bring in some print with a simple & pretty scarf, like this one from Old Navy that is a measly $14.94!

aaaand speaking of prints, this is my new favorite fabric. I just ordered some to make a kickin' spring & summer dress out of. CUTE!



  1. I tend to wear a plain shirt and then a brightly colour scarf or something - for example today I have a chocolate brown T-shirt and then a black and white scarf.

  2. I have a confession–I play it so safe when it comes to prints! Seriously, plaid feels like a bold print to me. But for some reason, I'm drawn to those beatles!

  3. Ah, I want pillows out of that fabric!!! Wanna make me some?? ;) PS. I love prints too. I need more in my life.


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