Thursday, January 12, 2012


The ground is covered in snow, the sky is the brightest shade of blue, the sun is shining and these tulips ((from Chase)) on our coffee table are showing off. Aren't they pretty?

I just got back from breakfast with a friend and now I'm headed to do some cross country skiing. 


I love days off.

How's your Thursday lookin'?


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  1. These tulips are amazingly pretty - a touch of spring in Jan. Have fun skiing!

  2. The tulips are gorgeous!!! And what a pretty picture! Have fun skiing!

  3. So jealous you have those tulips.. AND snow. This Michigan girl's Thursday is rainy.. Enjoy the slopes!

  4. that is such a spot of sunshine. we got our first big snow last night. it's sooo pretty. but a teeny bit hard after our week full of 50 degree weather. :)


  5. Oh, how perfect to have the bright cheer of those tulips in a winter wonderland! How could that not lift your spirits!?!?

  6. Very beautiful!

    I'm not very much a fan of snow (too cold for me) but I do love it when there is snow on the ground and the sun is shining! =)

    Stopping by from the little things link up!

  7. yum. those flowers are puuurty.

  8. Stopping by from Aisle to Aloha... LOVE those tulips! Fresh flowers in the house are the best!

  9. i love putting flowers in mason jars... now if only i could find some bright blue ones... gorgeous!!


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