Wednesday, February 29, 2012

sponsor highlight + giveaway: cotton + wood

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Today, I get to brag about one of my veteran sponsors, cotton + wood. 

This shop is run by Rebecca, who honestly is just a bundle of sunshine. She's a long time sponsor and I'm always privileged to have her as part of the Oh, Sweet Joy! family. She carries colorful fabric and handmade items that are beautifully unique and her style. Here's a little blurb from her about the inspiration behind her shop!

 " Ever since being the worst failure in the history of Junior High Home Ec, I've wanted to learn to sew.  I started taking classes at a cute little shop in Chicago a little over a year ago.  That shop started my obsession with fabric.  Realizing that I live in a "creative desert" [surrounded by corn fields, steel mills, and Lake Michigan], I dreamt of a local, hometown store that offered beautiful fabric and paper.  Not planning to go into debt just yet, I decided to open up Cotton+Wood and grow my fabric shop online and expand to a brick and mortar in the future. "

Today, Rebecca is generously giving away this gorgeous coin purse AND your color choice of a flower pin! You can also use the code OHSWEETJOY for 15% off anything in her shop. Get ta shoppin', y'all!


You can check out more from Cotton + Wood at the following:

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I just entered to win some handmade goodies  from 
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winners & chicken dinners

 The winner of the Judy Kaufman print is:

The winner of the Katy Loves (2 months of) ad space & button design is:

Ladies, congratulations! Please email me and I will get you connected with your designated shop owner/blogger. Thanks!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

geek chic

This is probably one of the five times I've ever worn lipstick. Actually, five might be too generous. 

Statement Necklace: Banana Republic
Crochet Tank, Blazer: Anthropologie
((similar tank found here)) 
Oversized Clutch: tutorial here
Watch: Fossil
Skinny Jeans: Paige Denim 
flats: Kimchi Blue ((similar ones here))

I'm not sure I'll ever get over the "geek chic" look. The whole borrowed from the boys idea can be done with such a classic & ((yet still)) feminine feel. This outfit needed a little spot of color & I'd say this clutch did the trick, no?


Monday, February 27, 2012

now on blog lovin!

((handmade monday)) DIY velvet bow headband

Hi there! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. We had some gorrrrrgeous spring-like weather on Saturday and we loved every second of it. I'm talking above 60 degrees and SO sunny. The gorgeous day got me inspired to make this colorful headband, so let's make one together shall we? 

Here's what you'll need for your headband:
velvet ribbon
glue gun
bobbin (if sewing)
elastic (I ended up switching to thin & round elastic, photographed at the end)
Sewing machine OR needle & thread
*You have the option of glue-gunning the entire project or sewing the ends. Up to you! So if you have a sewing machine & feel confident with it, get it all set up with a matching bobbin & read ahead*

Step 1:
Cut your ribbon into four sections. You'll need one of each of the following measurements. 
3 inches, 5 inches, 7 inches, 18-20 inches depending on how large your head is. 

Step 2:
Take your two middle-sized pieces (5 & 7 inches) and slightly overlap the ends. Using your glue gun, glue them together. 

Step 3:
Stack the 5 inch piece onto your 7 inch piece. Make sure they are centered and glue them together. I also glued the insides of the loops so that they laid flat. 

Step 4:
Figure out where, on your headband (the longest piece), you want your bow. I put mine off to the side. Mark on the bottom of your long piece where you want it & go ahead and place your bow there. Wrap the smallest piece of ribbon around the middle of all the pieces and secure with the glue gun. 

You'll have something like this. 

Step 5:
At this point, I tied a 6 inch piece of thin elastic into a knot, to make it a circle. 

Fold over the edge of one side of the ribbon and slip the elastic in. Sew a stitch (or glue) and repeat on the other side. 

You're done!

Slip that cutie pie on and feel all retro and schtuff ;)


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Saturday, February 25, 2012

((last call for march sponsors!))

Email me for details & rates :) I'd love to have you!


Thursday, February 23, 2012


Today, I'll be packaging up orders from the blog sale.

Today, I'll be sipping a cup of coffee and enjoying the time to slow down a bit.

Today, I'll be taking a quick break to Cross-Country Ski on last night's fresh powder. 

Today, I'll be making this dress in a gorgeous teal-ish color for a June wedding. 

Today, I'll be soaking up a "day off," while listening to oldies & sewing. 

Also? We're making this for dinner. Hallelujah, Praise Him.

Source: via Kim on Pinterest

Tell me, what are you doing today?


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

cheap bourbon whiskey & pearl snap shirts

((are two things that stay the same))

Well, hey there! Happy Wednesday to you.

Earrings: Anthropologie
Belt: I don't Remember. It's ancient.
Chambray Pearl Snap: thrifted (from Savers) & tailored
Skirt: Lauren Conrad for Kohl's. Similar one here
Watch: Fossil
Boots: MIA 
Hobo Clutch: Nordstrom
Day Three Dirty Hair: Homemade ;)

I wanted to recreate this look by the beautiful  Sydney of The Daybook Blog.  I needed to make it a little less girly, so I added some boots and a chambray top. Yes, I'm crazy for being bare-legged when there is snow on the ground. I'm so anxious for Spring!

For the record, I'm obsessed with these hair ties. 


(( song lyrics in title courtesy of Jason Boland & The Stragglers. 10 cool points if you knew that already. ))

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

sponsor highlight + giveaway: katy loves blog

Winners for the current outstanding giveaways will be announced shortly! 


One of my wonderful sponsors is Katy of the Katy Loves blogShe is beautiful, sweet, inspiring, and it all shines through her blog effortlessly.  She runs her blog and does some graphic design, as well. ((here is some work she's done recently!)) 

Here's a little from Katy, herself, about the inspiration behind her blog:

I started my blog to have a place to share my life. The little things that may seem so little in the moment, but really make life wonderful. I love so many things and my blog is the place to share every piece of that. I write about my love for my husband, family, music, photography, fashion, DIY, our recent move to North Carolina and my relationship with the Lord. I share my heart often in hopes that it will somehow bless others as well. I love my little corner of the web and hope you'll stop by and say hello! 


Today, Katy is giving away a FREE large ad spot on her blog AND a custom ad design. Score!

Make sure you pop on over to her blog and check it out. You can also find more from her here:
 Blog // Twitter // Facebook // Blog Lovin'

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Monday, February 20, 2012

((handmade monday)) greetings + confetti

Isn't stationery fun? Who doesn't like to receive some snail mail every now & again?

 Today's handmade monday DIY project combines two of my favorite things: confetti & stationery. Enjoy!

Here's what you'll need
sewing machine
fun paper or blank paper & colored pencils to make confetti
a printer
hole punch 
sandwich bags

1. Create two columns in Word and create whatever text you'd like.  
Print them out when you're finished. 

2. Cut out your "cards" in miscellaneous shapes. Feel free to use fun scissors that create a pattern around the edge.

3.  If you so choose, you can sew some designs onto the paper.

4.  Cut out ziplock bags (you can usually do two cards per baggy) & stitch up the long edge, leaving the top open.

5.  Stick card inside the bag & fill with desired confetti.

6.  Stitch up the top.

7. Send to a loved one :)