Saturday, February 11, 2012


One thing that I "regret" from running a full-time handmade shop was that I rarely had time to fully answer questions that people had about running a shop. I'd try and answer what I could, but bottom line, there were too many emails in my inbox and not enough hours in the day. 

Now that I'm not running Oh, Sweet Joy! ((the shop)) full time, I have a little bit more time on my hands. This doesn't mean that I have time to answer every question (that is usually a page long email) that pops in my inbox, but I do want to answer the most pressing ones that you may have. 

That said, if you have a question (or two) about running a handmade shop, leave them in the comments section below. If you'd rather, you can also email them to me (ohsweetjoyATgmailDOTcom). Depending on how many questions I get, I'll do a series of posts or just a long one :) Feel free to ask any other questions, as well. I'm working on a Frequently Asked Questions page and anything that doesn't really involve running an indie biz, I'll stick in there. 

Ready? Ask away, friends. 
I'll do my best to answer questions honestly and as thoroughly as possible!



  1. I have a question! Do you involve your husband in your business? If so, how? Is it intentional or unintentional?

  2. Great Idea! Now here's my question:
    How has running a shop full time helped your shop? Have you received more orders/ success?

  3. Great idea. :) What have you found is the most challenging part of running your own shop? What's the piece of advice you wish someone had told you before you began? Do you get tired of it?

  4. How do you manage your time so that you are able to be fully present with your family in the evenings and on weekends?

  5. I can't wait to read the questions, and your answers!

  6. Awesome! "How did you get your name out there so that people could find your products and how important was blogging, Twitter and Facebook in getting yourself out there?" Ok. I guess that was two questions. Thanks!

  7. first- i agree, it's SO hard to blog and answer questions. (not that i have a business, but i feel like a jerk if i don't reply back to my readers' travel questions.) sigh... love that you are doing a forum of questions. have you also seen formspring? a few bloggers use it and it's a good way to answer those repeat questions. kind of brilliant!

  8. How did you get inspired to start a handmade shop in the first place? Do you ever get discouraged or feel that the world is over-saturated with similar products?

  9. I just started up my little Etsy shop, which is made up of thrift finds, handmade jewelry, cute little home decor, etc...How can I get more traffic to my shop and not have to spend $$ in which I don't have?

  10. Thanks so much for answering questions. Mine is this. How do you grow followers for your blog and FB page without breaking the bank? Thanks!!

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