Wednesday, February 22, 2012

cheap bourbon whiskey & pearl snap shirts

((are two things that stay the same))

Well, hey there! Happy Wednesday to you.

Earrings: Anthropologie
Belt: I don't Remember. It's ancient.
Chambray Pearl Snap: thrifted (from Savers) & tailored
Skirt: Lauren Conrad for Kohl's. Similar one here
Watch: Fossil
Boots: MIA 
Hobo Clutch: Nordstrom
Day Three Dirty Hair: Homemade ;)

I wanted to recreate this look by the beautiful  Sydney of The Daybook Blog.  I needed to make it a little less girly, so I added some boots and a chambray top. Yes, I'm crazy for being bare-legged when there is snow on the ground. I'm so anxious for Spring!

For the record, I'm obsessed with these hair ties. 


(( song lyrics in title courtesy of Jason Boland & The Stragglers. 10 cool points if you knew that already. ))


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  2. Love love love this look. I LOVE the denim shirts with the skirt-most of the time, I pair my springier skirts with a t, jean jacket and boots, but this is a nice mix up.

  3. Oh, I love that denim snap shirt. It's just the kind I dream of finding and it's so Colorado :) Love the skirt + boots too! You look great, Kim! (I'm all for day 3 unwashed hair btw)

  4. I LOVE this outfit. Totally adorable!

  5. Oh how I love this skirt! We have the sames! Annnnnd I think I know how I'm gonna wear it next. You rock. And those hair ties, yes. Soopacute. :)

  6. You always put together the cutest outfits Kim!!!

  7. Umm you are adorable. And I might just buy those boots now.

  8. I almost bought that skirt one day & after seeing how you styled it, I am regretting that I didn't... :( I love this whole look! A perfect combination of fancy/girly & casual!

  9. You really are adorable, but I kept shivering at those bare legs in the snow! Get some pants on!

  10. Super cute. I love the necklace and clutch, I would never think to put them together!

  11. where are you taking your picture at? It is beautiful!

  12. the daybook is AMAZING for outfit inspiration! you pulled off your version great, girl.

  13. i love the daybook. your recreation is perfect! and i love your glasses, where are they from? i need to get myself some new ones. i just don't know where to look.

  14. you are beautiful and i love this outfit!! it is so pretty and you look fabulous!


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