Thursday, February 23, 2012


Today, I'll be packaging up orders from the blog sale.

Today, I'll be sipping a cup of coffee and enjoying the time to slow down a bit.

Today, I'll be taking a quick break to Cross-Country Ski on last night's fresh powder. 

Today, I'll be making this dress in a gorgeous teal-ish color for a June wedding. 

Today, I'll be soaking up a "day off," while listening to oldies & sewing. 

Also? We're making this for dinner. Hallelujah, Praise Him.

Source: via Kim on Pinterest

Tell me, what are you doing today?



  1. Sounds like the perfect way to spend a snowy day! Hope you didn't lose power...heard there were outages in Boulder :/ Enjoy the downtime, girl!

  2. what a wonderful sounding day! enjoy!! and can i come over for dinner??

  3. It sounds like a very busy, very creative day! Dinner sounds lovely!

  4. that sandwich. nom. i should not be reading this post while eating a boring salad.

  5. That sandwich looks delicious!!! Can I come over and join you for dinner? sounds like you're having a wonderful day!

  6. Today I made my item from bloomerie's stash they sent me. I went in a totally different direction but made a five year old very happy. ;)
    I wanna marshmellow like yours ;)

  7. Today I taught Spanish to rowdy, but lovable high schoolers, wrote letters, and am going to go to my bible study that is so insanely life giving! :)

  8. can't start my day without coffee

  9. Sounds like an absolutely perfect day! I'm working my tush off, eating Mexican with my office this afternoon, and then heading home early to curl up with my honey and kick this cold!


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