Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the big two-five

I'm a quarter of a century old today, folks! Today will be full of relaxation, a filling breakfast at the Buff with my man, a giant whatevertheheckiwant drink from starbucks ((that will be free, mind you. thanks gold card!)), perhaps some shopping, maybe some sewing for myself ((gasp!)), birthday cake, and calories that don't count.  

In celebration, here are twenty five facts that you didn't need to know, you may or may not know now.... but you will by the time you suffer read through this post. 


1. I have big feet for my height. I jump for joy when I can squeeze fit into an 8.5 instead of a 9.

2. The amount of nail polish colors I have underneath my bathroom sink is absolutely heinous. Anyone want to have a nail painting party?

3. White Daisies, light pink peonies, and ranunculus are in a three-way-tie for my favorite flower.

4. I have a chunk of purple hair that's really just an extension. It's real hair, but not my hair, and that still kind of creeps me out.

5. I sing, but get ridiculously nervous every.single.time I have to sing by myself. Heart jumping, palms and pits sweating, voice shaking nervous. I prefer harmonizing & for someone else to take the lead :) 

6. My favorite song of all time is "Wait a Minute, Mr. Postman" by Diana Ross & The Supremes.

7. I have an entire laundry bin full of scarves. They're my favorite way to pull a look together!

8. My Memaw taught me the basics of sewing on her machine when I was a sophomore in college. She's the coolest.

9. I say "cuss" instead of curse words. Most of the time. O_o

10. I really enjoy running and want to run my first half-marathon this year! 

11. This is my dream kitchen.

12. The most difficult thing I've made was a custom wedding dress for a girl I knew from high school.

13. I'm happiest with Chase reading in the living room, oldies playing, baking macarons in the kitchen, with a cute anthro apron on.

14. I'm a Personal Shopper for Anthropologie. It's seriously the coolest job ever.

15. We are in the works of teaming up with a non-profit to outsource the construction of some Oh, Sweet Joy! products to widows in India who are in need of income. 

16. I'm a snob about a few things: ice-cream, grammar, cotton candy, candles fabric, baked goods and flowers. One time I really hurt Chase's feelings when he got me carnations and I told him,  "those are funeral flowers, so don't buy these for me again." Not my finest moment.

17. I am forgetful, clumsy, and impatient.

18. I love my "homemade" robin's egg blue cruiser bike with a coffee cup holder.

19.  I am really hard on my shoes and wear them out quickly these days, but can't stand to get rid of them! 

20. I only like to drink Dr. Pepper out of the can or from a legit fountain. It's got to be the perfect carbonation vs. syrup ratio! I guess we can add this to the list of things I'm a snob about.

21. I'd consider myself a decent cook. 

22. We almost always have fresh flowers in our house. Mr. Davis is such a sweet one :) 

23. I graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences...also lovingly known as RPTS. 

24. I'm styling a wedding in April!

25.  I have a dimple underneath my left eye on my cheek. You can kiiiind of see it under my glasses in the photo above. It's silly pants.

Happy Birthday to my father-in-law, my aunt Mary, and all you other bloggin' gals with the same birthday as me! High Five!



  1. I"m totally a snob about sodas too. I personally all fountain (As long as they have the syrup amount right) is the best. I wear out my shoes super fast too, but I can't bring myself to get rid of them! Happy birthday =)

    - Sarah

  2. Happy Birthday lovely one :) I'm 26 next month (a month yesterday in fact!!)

    Me and my friend JD went shopping for trainers the other day - she commented how cute my feet were because they were so small - I'm a UK 5 or 6 depending on where I'm buying them.

    I have a stupid number of nail varnishes too - Maybe we have to a Skype (or similar) nail polish party!

  3. Happy Birthday!
    Gorgeous post by the way, made me smile. Love your sense of humour too (:

  4. Happy Birthday! I love peonies and ranunculus too! (Side note: what is the plural of ranunculus? Ranunculii? Ranunculuses?)

  5. happppppppppppppy birthday!!! i heart you, a lot!

  6. Happy BIrthday!! Posts like these are so fun--I also have a bratty story about dissing some flowers my sweet husband bought for me :)

  7. Happy, happy birthday! Fun list!

  8. I really love your outlook on life Kim!!


    I hope you have a splendid day sweetie!!

  9. Happy birthday to one of my absolute favorite bloggers :)
    I hope it's all kinds of wonderful, girl!


  10. Happy birthday beautiful!

    And YES to #20. There is a perfect recipe. Don't mess with it.
    And your bike is way cool.

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET GIRL!!!!! I hope today is marvelous!!!!!!

    AND-----#16-----I FEEL THE SAME WAY ABOUT CARNATIONS! I don't even want those suckas at my funeral!!!! HA!

  12. Happy Happy Birthday, Kim! So fun to know a few more things about you :)

  13. loved reading this list! what's up with the purple strand?! i got to see this! happy birthday, love! p.s. i think i only have yet to text you to have wished you a happy bday in every social media possible!

  14. we are the same age! my birthday is very soon :)

    and i am a big snob about homemade goods as well. It's totally acceptable.

  15. Oh, RPTS. I miss Francis Hall! Also, I'm with you on the DP. I cannot drink it from a bottle. It's not the same.

    Happy HAPPY Birthday, Kim!

  16. Happy, happy, HAPPIEST birthday!!!! And I must say, I loved reading all 25 things about you!

  17. happy birthday sweet friend! you are NOT're like 20 in my eyes!
    holla at ya for numba is the only place I like to get a Dr. Pepper!

  18. Happy Birthday! 25 rocks :)

  19. happy, happy birthday lady!!
    i hope you enjoyed your day!

  20. That was super fun to read! I am EXACTLY the same way about singing. It was a huge leap for me to join a band in college (singing harmonies and playing bells). There were times when it's have to sing by myself & I'd get super nervous although luckily I got over the shaky voice thing!

    I am also super forgetful and clumsy. I have locked myself out of the house an embarrassing amount of times and I once toppled down an escalator.

    That is amazing that tou're working with a non-profit tight now! My dad has brought up a similar idea to me... That's so cool thatbyou're actually doing it.

  21. such a fun post to read & good idea! i loved reading & learning fun facts about you & your life. also, hearing you worked for anthro made me miss working there. happy birthday!

  22. where did you get your glasses i love them!


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