Monday, March 5, 2012

handmade monday ((DIY bow-tied oxfords))

The story behind this DIY is two-fold. 
1. I found these oxfords at Old Navy on dirt cheap clearance a while ago. I snagged them up and thought they would be SO fun with floral fabric modpodged onto a few sections. Then, a very popular blog posted this post literally days after I bought them. 

Nuts! Someone beat me to it. Think, Kim. What else can you do with these?  

2. Lo, and behold, I saw these shoes at Nordstrom a few weeks later and fell in love. 

It was a perfect storm for some DIY goodness. Ready to make some of these beauties?

Here's what you'll need:
Oxford flats
Fabric or Ribbon
Dr. Pepper ((just kidding. not necessary, just encouraged))

Step one: 
Using the length of your fabric ((starting at the selvedge, going to the fold)), cut two 2.5 inch strips. 

Step two:
Trim the ends so that they are more narrow than the rest of the strip and roll up. 

Step three:
Wrap the rolled up tips in tape. This will help the fabric go through the shoe-string holes. 

Step four: 
Tie as usual & put on before you tie your bow. Tie bow to desired size and trim the ends. 

Step five: 
Strut your stuff.



  1. What a fun little project, so cute! They really add a nice little sumthin' sumthin' to your shoes :)

  2. This is adorable! What a fun way to add some color. I also love that Dr. Pepper is a part of the project ;) and the ring in the step 2 picture! Love it i just need some Oxford flats...

  3. awww this is soo stinking cute! i'm still looking for a pair of oxfords, but once i get some, how fun would it be to change it up w/ a bow!

  4. Cute! So creative- love it!

  5. Very creative, Kim! Love it - I've looked at oxfords at Target a few times and haven't bit the bullet yet... when/if I do - I'm definitely going to have to keep this DIY in mind!

    Have a good day, doll!

  6. Ahh...I saw these on your instagram + couldn't wait to see how you made them. SOOO cute!!! I saw these in Old Navy too + wish I snatched up a pair now. ;) ♥Linz @ Daily Doily

  7. How adorable! You're just so creative! And that fabric makes my heart happy. =)

  8. all i can say to this is, "yes, Yes, YES"
    amazing, you are. YAY. i've got the perfect pair of oxfords just waiting for some gussyin' up!

  9. I saw these on Nordstrom too and thought they were awesome but yours are 1000X cuter! I really want to do this! I also wish I would've scored those cheap at Old Navy :)


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