Thursday, March 8, 2012

it's photoshoot day!

I haven't been too vocal about this new product because timeline-wise I didn't know when it would happen with my hectic schedule. Well, the photoshoot is today so I'm hoping to have them available soon! Here's my "shoot inspiration" pinterest page if you'd like some hints :)

One BIG hint is that it was inspired by this photo 
((i saw this & made a prototype literally years ago, but I'm just now following through. don't be surprised. this happens often))

I hope your Thursday is inspiring and all kinds of lovely! I woke up expecting snow and it wasn't here. I'm thrilled that Spring won the overnight battle. 

here's a sneak peek at today's shoot. it was LOADS of fun & I couldn't be more pleased. looks like i'll be editing photos all afternoon!



  1. Love Alexis Bidel :) can't wait to see the photos!!!

  2. SO EXCITED! I can't wait to have my own!!

  3. Love your new picture on the right side of the blog!! SO CUTE! Can;t wait to see the photos!!

  4. So cute ready for Spring!! I'm excited to get all my springtime scarves out... and potentially add to the collection =)

  5. GIRL. i can't wait to see it all!!

  6. This is os exciting! You always make the prettiest things! I can't wait to see :)

  7. I love your glasses! What brand are they??


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