Thursday, March 22, 2012

polaroids, daisies & italian soda

It's so easy when you're sick, stressed, tired, and incredibly busy to throw yourself a pity party.
 It's an uncomplicated task to overlook the beauty of a sunny spring day when you are stuck inside working. 
It's simple to not see the beauty in the little things. 
It's no trouble to focus on accomplishing tasks rather than living life.

However, when you take a second to look a little closer, realize that God is good, and you are truly blessed... you might be blown away at the beauty of those little things in life.

For instance:

The color of the italian soda in a sweet little mason jar. 
A snippet of a verse that keeps things in perspective, constantly, up on a chalkboard.
White daisies reminding me that spring is here and I survived made it through Winter. 
A cute little vintage polaroid camera that is the perfect addition to the top of our bookshelf.  

I sure hope you take a second to enjoy the little things today, friends.

This is the day that the Lord has made;
let us rejoice and be glad in it.
((psalm 118:24))


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  1. I love celebrating the little things in life! Especially if I'm having kind of a blah day. Dr. Pepper helps, too. ;)

  2. i love this! God has blessed us so much with so many beautiful things to appreciate and be inspired by

    jamie brooke

  3. I needed this today! Thank you! :)

  4. Aww thanks for the reminder. I am just LOVING the italian soda picture. Make me excited for Spring and Summer relaxation =)

    - Sarah

  5. Here's to remembering how very blessed we all are!

  6. You quoted my absolute favorite scripture. It was on of the first I ever memorized and I say it in almost every prayer.

  7. such a great reminder & such beautiful pictures!! have a great weekend :)

  8. These are such lovely pictures!! A lovely reminder of beauty in simplicity!

    x Aliya

  9. i needed this today...i'm throwing myself a MAJOR pity party right now. but God is good!

  10. Love this post. I have daisies on my dining table and sunflowers on my living room... It's amazing how can they brighten up the whole room :)


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