Friday, March 30, 2012

favorite things friday: take a hike

In honor of this b-e-a-UTIFUL weather, this week's FTF is all about taking advantage of the outdoors :)

March has been a super busy month of birthdays, location changes for The Well, and tons and tons of visitors! Last weekend while Chase's family and some friends from High School were visiting, we took the fellas on a little hike up to the Royal Arch. I can't get over this warm spring-time weather!

Get off the computer and enjoy the outdoors this weekend!



  1. I wish we could! It's gonna start raining. Again. :(

  2. Get off the computer might just be my mantra this weekend!

  3. rainy days and flat NC don't make a good combo for hiking...but ya'll look like you had FUN!

  4. YAY for all the beautiful weather!! It's so incredible to get outside!
    Also, I am curious where you got the "colorado" tank that you are wearing?? So cute! :)

    1. it's by this local artist!


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