Monday, April 23, 2012

((handmade monday)) foot wrap tutorial

Blogger has a new layout for posting and I'm embarrassed at how long it took me to figure everything out.  Oye. Moving on...

I saw these cutie pie crochet foot ties at free people and thought they were so fun. I don't knit or crochet so today, I've teamed up with Rebecca ((who also lives here in Boulder!)) for a tag-team Handmade Monday! Click here to  head to her blog & read the first part of this tutorial as far as making the triangular granny square needed for this tutorial...and then come back for the completion of your project :) Okay? OKAY!

What you'll need for my portion of this DIY:
Granny Triangles
Leather or a long strip of fabric
Two Feet

Step 1:

Cut your strips of leather, fabric, or whatever you've chosen to use as your ties into two pieces that are 30ish inches. **

Step 2:
Place your "little piggy that stayed home" through the top loop. 

Step 3:
Place the tie underneath the triangle and then pull through UP the bottom/side loops.

Step 4:
Tie around your ankle and repeat on other foot. Dance around outside barefoot. Your feet are styling!

I even paired mine with my Ssekos. Because really, how practical is walking around without a sole to protect your feetsies? :)

((options)) crochet a "chain" for the ties // make using a crochet string vs. yarn // braid long strips of fabric to use as the ties //  use any color combination your sweet little heart desires!


**when I wear them with my ssekos, I used two 30 inch ties for each foot


  1. They are adorable ! Not sure they would be great here in the UK right now not with all this rain we are having but maybe in the summer if we have one ... here's to hoping and praying ! xx

  2. How cute! I love the whole look :)

  3. I hate the new blogger! But these are super cute!

  4. Well. You really have done it all now! These are so stinking cute!!!!!! Great idea!!!

  5. How divine–and so perfect for running around beautifully barefoot!

  6. How darling are those! And you look so, SO pretty! Love that skirt on you.

  7. What a fun idea for Ssekos! I can't wait to try this with mine this spring. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Those are sooo cute!! :) Have a great week xo Holly

  9. What a great idea! I love your DIY!!

  10. I love this coral maxi skirt and those sandals are awesome! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog, too. You have lots of great outfits!

  11. Super cute! I think I might give it a try! Also, we might be foot!

  12. Ooooh super cute! And I love your skirt, is that one you made or no?

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