Friday, April 20, 2012

((a texas recap))

My favorite things this week are simple:
small town charm
ladybugs riding bicycles
1 Timothy
lunch with a "forever" friend
home-cooked meal(s) by mom
minor league baseball
being above the clouds
short & sandals weather
green grass & wheat fields
texas sunsets

I left this past Saturday to spend a few days in Texas. There were multiple reasons I booked a last minute flight to the good ol' Lone Star state, but on the top of that list of reasons: 
1. I needed some clarification, some time to just sit & pray, rest, and direction. 
2. I missed the junk out of my family.

I'll share more about number one soon, but until then, here are some photos from my trip. 

Finally, Mom took Tuesday afternoon off from work and we went to a daytime Rough Rider game. I used to work for this Minor League baseball team and I loved the nostalgia :) Is there anything better than warm weather & a baseball game? Nope.

Have a happy weekend!



  1. I love Texas!!! Great place to live!

  2. Oooh, looks like a fun time. I've never been to Texas but all that sunshine and blue sky and green stuff looks great this time of year!

  3. that first pic if beautiful! love you friend!

  4. Your mom looks so classy while she cooks! I totally understand those absolutely necessary trips home. I'm counting the days (21) until I get to go "home" to Tennessee.

  5. Looks like a must needed trip. So happy you could get time away to reflect and pray! I'm really getting excited go home to CO this summer and it's still a few months away :)

  6. La la LOVE that denim shirt with those white shorts. Gorgeous outfit! Happy Friday! xoxo

  7. How fun! My BIL is moving to Texas soon! Can't wait to see more pictures!

  8. What an absolutely dreamy week! I can't wait to make a trip with John back "home" to TX!

  9. loved all the pictures of good ole small town TX :) But I must comment specifically on your mom cooking in the cutest outfit..including the shoes! :) Your aunt gave me a hand sewn owl bib for Macklin...I IMMEDIATELY thought of you :)

  10. Trips to TX are my favorite! Hope yours was filled with sweet memories and good clarity :)

  11. What town are you from??? I was curious the whole time you were posting pictures of your trip on Insta. I went to TCU :)


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