Saturday, May 26, 2012

((advertise with oh, sweet joy! in june))

Summer is the perfect time to market your brand & blog to help boost sales while everyone has a teensy bit more of free time on their hands! If you have new lines of products coming out that you want help getting the word out about or if you are dedicating more time to your blog this summer & want more readership -- let's partner up!

The Oh, Sweet Joy! family is oh, so supportive & loyal. We love all things colorful, inspiring & handmade. Come join the hundreds of shops & blogs who have had great success with advertising on the Oh, Sweet Joy! blog. E-mail me ((ohsweetjoyATgmailDOTcom)) for current sponsorship rates & let's grow together, shall we?



  1. Definitely feeling the love from your awesome readers in my shop this month!

  2. Your whole blog is adorable...I can only wonder would would NOT want to partner with you on here??!!


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