Friday, May 18, 2012

Favorite Things Friday ((vacation edition))

Sunsets on the beach.
Sun kissed skin.
Lazy days flipping through magazines, sipping piña coladas, swimming in the ocean.
No running "to the back" to grab a different size dress for customers.
Sun bleached fly-aways aka natural highlights.
Not a care in the world.
Endless time with Chase with zero distractions.
People watching.
Using my broken spanish skills.
Ordering "uno mas cerveza para mi esposo, por favor."
No doing the dishes for a week.
Forgetting what long lines at the grocery store means. 
Using our passports.
Big floppy sun hats.
Not having to think about an outfit. 
The scent of sunscreen and tanning oil.
5 date nights in a row.
Tan lines.
Early AM frisbee game on the beach. 
An escape from reality.
Having time for breakfast.
Walking through the door to our home after a long day of travel.

Have a happy weekend filled with special moments, friends. See you Monday.



  1. what do you mean?? you don't like running to the back to get different sizes for customers?!? i ask people to do that all the time for me... ;)

    1. I certainly don't mind when I'm at work. That was just to say...I didn't have to go to work for almost a week and I'm so thankful for the break!

  2. I just got a serious case of the warm and fuzzies, love it!

  3. I just felt all relaxed just reading that post.

    1. oh good! :) hope you've had a relaxing weekend!


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