Monday, May 14, 2012

handmade monday ((my waiting list))

I wanted to share my Cinco De Mayo Fiesta with you all this week, but due to my lack of having time to edit those photos, you get this instead! :)

Here are some tutorial, projects and recipes I've pinned to try soon. Enjoy!

((sooooo many friends have had babies recently. need to make these guys and some owls for the new sweet little ones)) 

grown up root beer float ;)

((because i can NEVER find a chip clip!))

love this SO much! i can't have enough statement necklaces.


what projects ((or recipes)) are on your "to conquer" list this week?



  1. i've made that paint chip necklace! it turned out pretty cute!

  2. What pretties to look at!!! grown up root beer floats and cake YUM! and some really sweet cute ideas :) Have a lovely day! xo Holly

  3. You are quite ambitious with this list :) I've been wanting to try the DIY bow clutch--that blogger is a friend of a friend and I recently found her blog and LOVE it!

  4. Love this list!! And so honored that my bow clutch made it onto the list! :) Excited to see your creations.


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