Thursday, May 24, 2012

tulum, mexico

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I'll let the photos do the talking. I will say this, though. One thing I love in particular about Mexico is that they sure know how to do color. I can't explain how inspiring and beautiful all the vibrant hues are around these cute little beach towns. Here's a recap in photos of our trip to Tulum! :)

This was our first trip to Mexico for a vacation & it was lovely! Have you been to Mexico? What's your favorite place you have ever  traveled? 

Crazy story (I love how God works): Chase and I had both been to Mexico, but for Mission trips. When we were dating, we were at his parent's house looking through old photo albums. Turns out, we had gone to & served at the same orphanage long before we had ever met AND had multiple photos with our favorite kiddo, Mario. How cool is that? 



  1. ok stop, you're making me jealous.

    we went to mexico for our honeymoon, to riviera maya. LOVED IT!!!

  2. Oh my gracious! I just realized I went to college with y'all! Your husband used to come into Sweet's all the time... What a SMALL WORLD! Anyway, I know what you mean about the colors down there and I agree --so inspiring!

  3. I can't believe there was an ice cream cart called "Helados a go go" umm Mexico, for the win! :) & that is so cool about the orphanage! God works in wondrous ways!

  4. Wow! Love your story about the orphanage. As a child we drove through Mexico (4 day trip) to get to Guatemala to see my family. My favorites were Tampico and Vera Cruz. Due to the issues in Mexico we haven't driven through in 20 years. We now fly, which is quicker, but I miss the scenery, smells, and food.

  5. Beautiful photos! It looks like a wonderful vacation. I've never been to Mexico, but I work in a mostly Hispanic church and I agree- they know how to do color! Love the vibrancy of the culture.

    And what an awesome story! God works in amazing ways :)

  6. Oh sweet, sweet Mexico! It's pretty divine, but it can't top that amazing story!

  7. Great photos! We went to Mexico on our honeymoon...hoping to go back one day. Our God is so cool...I love how he works. my husband and I grew up in neighborhoods on the same street...I get goosebumps every time I think about how many times our paths intersected!

  8. We went to Riviera Maya for our honeymoon, and we are going back in January to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. I can't wait! :)

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