Friday, June 29, 2012

favorite things friday: custom order fun

I had the absolute honor of making these bridesmaid dresses for a Lousiana bride, Shannon.  She was sweet as could be and I still can't believe I got to play a teeeeeeensy role in her wedding day. She picked a design from my farmer's market dresses  and special ordered them in this SUPER fun turquoise color.  

I love how they turned out, don't you? Hopefully we'll get more photos from their big day soon! Congratulations to the happy couple :) 


Thursday, June 28, 2012

sponsor highlight + giveaway: oh so antsy

I've highlighted Jessica of Oh So Antsy before and it is with great pleasure that I show her off again! The blog has seen a substantial amount of growth over the past few months ((waves to new readers and the trusty old ones)), so it is extra exciting to host these sponsor highlights and giveaways because I know it's reaching new people! Yay handmade! I have a Texas necklace from Oh So Antsy with a little heart where my hometown is and it's been such a sweet item to wear, especially on days I'm a bit homesick! The quality is impeccable and the meaning is so special. 

((Meet Jessica!))
In the summer of 2010 I took a silver jewelry basics class. I had seen the class offered previously and was really interested in taking it but I dismissed it since it was a little pricey. This time, however, was the last time the class was being offered so I bit the bullet and signed up. With my new set of skills I made some earrings for myself and then I started to make gifts.  Eventually I started getting requests and through a series of seemingly unrelated events I began my online store on January 31st, 2011-the last day of my birthday month. 

I love creating pieces that people can relate to and remind them of a place or person they love or gifting that experience to someone they love. Please feel free to share your story. I would love to hear from you! 


Today, Jessica is giving away the winner's choice of their state or country necklace. SO sweet! You can also use the code OHFREESHIP until July 3rd to receive free shipping on your order. 



Wednesday, June 27, 2012

((i scream, you scream series)) blueberry muffin ice cream

Blueberry muffins are my absolute favorite thing to eat for breakfast....mostly because I enjoy eating the batter ;) I made this ice cream for dessert one night when we had breakfast for dinner. I have to say, after eating biscuits & gravy, eggs and bacon, it was THE perfect way to end the meal. 

I adapted the french vanilla recipe that came with my kitchen aid ice cream attachment and cut the recipe in half because we didn't have much room in our freezer. Double it if you want more!

1 1/4 cups half & half
4 egg yolks
1/2 cup sugar
1 1/4 cups heavy whipping cream
3 teaspoons vanilla
dash of salt
1 box of Betty Crocker blueberry muffin mix
((the one with the can of blueberries inside!))

In saucepan, heat half & half over medium heat until it is very hot, starting to steam. Do not boil. Remove from heat & set aside.

Mix egg yolks & sugar in large bowl on a low speed (I used a hand mixer on speed 2). Continuing the mixer, gradually add half & half and mix until blended. Return the miture into the sauce pan and cook over medium heat again, until small bubbled form around edge and mixture is steamy.


Transfer half & half mixture into a large bowl, stir in whipping cream, vanilla, and salt. Cover with foil & chill 8 hours or overnight. 

Using speed one on your kitchen aid attachment, pour mixture inside and "churn" until it is frozen, about 20 minutes. In the last couple of minutes, add spoonfuls of the muffin mix. I used no more than half a cup. Turn off the mixer & stir in blueberries that are fully rinsed. 

Don't rinse if you want a purple ice cream. 


wooden spoons: Sucre Shop
berry basket: anthropologie
ice cream "condiment" cup: Joann
ice cream pint cartons: sweet bliss containers

linking up with snap! // thirty handmade days blog // tatertots & jello 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

((outfit schmoutfit)) the great indoors

It's hot. 

I'm talking REAL hot, y'all. It's the intensity of Texas heat, except it's DRY heat and the sun feels like it is literally ten feet from your face. 100+ degrees. No shade ((okay, I'm exaggerating)). No rain. 

Please, Lord send some rain. 

I'm just thankful God shut that summer camp director door a while ago and I'm not working outside ;) Anywho, I was too lazy hot to take photos outside. You get these photos instead, of the great indoors. 

necklace c/o simply livly
belt, tank top - anthro
maxi skirt - c/o stacy lynn
sandals - target 
nail polish - hot & spicy by OPI
lipstick shade - NEW FAVE!!!! - love poems from sephora

This maxi skirt, as mentioned above, is from Stacy Lynn's shop on etsy. It is SO comfortable, fit's me perrrrrfectly and hides those unshaved legs. heh. Check her shop out if you need more maxi love in your life. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

handmade monday: veggie spring roll recipe

Today's handmade monday is a yummmmmy recipe that is one of my favorites. It's light & fresh, filling, and fun to make. When I added these to my meal plan for the week, I forgot to buy meat, thus the vegetarian recipe. However, if you want to buy some beef (*marinade recipe at the bottom) and add it, it's deeeelicious. Shrimp would be mighty tasty too. 

Here's what you'll need:

This is what the packaging looks like for the rice noodles & spring roll wrappers. Go to a local Asian market and pay less than four bucks for both. 

1. Wash & cut veggies.  

2. Place rice noodles (try not to break them) in a large bowl & pour boiling water over them until they are submerged, giving them a stir every now and then until cooked. This should take less than 5 minutes. Drain and then run cool water over them and drain again. This stops the cooking process so they don't get all mushy. 
TIP: toss the noodles in some sesame oil to keep them from being TOO sticky.
3. Marinade and cook meat, if desired. 

Take one wrapper and spin around in bowl of warm water. Make sure you've fully saturated it. Place on plate. As you fill your spring roll, the rice paper will continue to get softer. 

Start with the noodles and place a small handful on the right hand side of the wrapper. 

Proceed with the lettuce (romaine or living lettuce works great). I ripped one piece into a few smaller pieces.

Keep filling with veggies and bean sprouts. Don't overstuff it. We're not making a chipotle burrito here, folks. 

Do as I say, not as I do. This should be moved over closer to the side. At this point, this is what you should have. Your paper will be clinging to the plate, but don't be alarmed. It peels right off. 

Add a drizzle of sauce on top. Mine is just Kroger brand that says "spring roll dipping sauce." Super fancy, y'all. 

This takes practice, so don't get discouraged. Fold in the sides a bit, and as you hold them in place, start to roll from the side that the veggies are on. You should be nudging the veggies into the roll to keep it kind of tight. Stretch the rice paper gently as you roll, so that it's nice and tight. It's magic. 

Cut in half...not completely necessary...and serve with sweet chile sauce ((aka spring roll dipping sauce)). This was basically the condiment of choice when we lived overseas and was served with everything from eggs to french fries, so I've become quite partial to it.

Take that, ketchup. 

It would also be delicious served with peanut sauce. I have a great recipe for that somewhere. Maybe for another post ;)


*marinade for beef (I buy several lean steaks): 1 cup water/1 cup sugar/1 cup soy sauce/ 1 tbsp  sesame seed oil/ 1/2 tbsp black pepper / 6 garlic cloves, chopped / 3 green onions, sliced / 2 inches of ginger root, squeezed for juice or sliced 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

advertise in JULY!

Sometimes there are lulls in traffic during summer months due to vacations, more time spent outside, etc. You want to use this time to utilize your resources, get word out, and continue getting the word out throughout the early fall. 

I realize & respect that we're all on a budget and it's sometimes difficult to spend money on advertising ((even if we know it can pay off ten fold!)). That's why I'm offering a GREAT special for June. If you sign up for a three month partnership ((large OR regular sized ad)) starting in June, you will get a suhhhhhweeeeet price! 
(($20 savings for the large ad and $15 savings for the regular sized ad))
 By joining the Oh, Sweet Joy! family through August, you are reaching thousands of visitors that want to support handmade and blogs! 

Let's work together to get more traffic to your shop and/or blog. Email me for details ((ohsweetjoyATgmailDOTcom)) and make sure you put JUNE ADVERTISING SPECIAL in the subject line. 

Can't wait to work with you!


Friday, June 22, 2012

favorite things friday: tiny pocket tank

It's not very often that I come upon a sewing pattern that I not only LOVE, but am really excited to try. You see, sewing patterns and I don't exactly have the best track record. I was feeling remarkably brave one day and purchased the scout woven tee & the tiny pocket tank pattern from grainline studio. I've yet to sew up the scout woven tee, but that's definitely my next project. 

Not only was the pattern INCREDIBLY AFFORDABLE but it also came straight to my inbox to download and print....AND I can't say enough about how easy to follow this pattern was. Jen has a step-by-step photo tutorial for the tank on her blog and it made everything so do-able and whatever the opposite of frustrating is ;)

(( taping the pattern ))

(( attaching the pocket ))

(( cruising around on my bike wearing my new favorite tank ))

I love this pattern so much that I made TWO in the past couple of weeks. 

((3 of the 4 fabrics shown above were purchased from hawthorne threads))

SO, if you're looking for a fun and simple sewing project to do this weekend buy the tiny pocket tank pattern and sew yourself a cute little tank! 
While you're at it, use the code OHSWEETJOY for 10% off :)

You're welcome!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sponsor Highlight + Giveaway: Maefly Design

Maefly design is a jewelry shop on etsy that combines natural gemstones, beads, and modern styles. Lisa has fun with shapes and colors and every piece is so unique! 

My name is Lisa Belt. I design and create maeflydesign jewelry at my home studio in Portland, Oregon. I live here with my husband, our twin 6-year old sons, and a screwball dog named Bonnie. 
Ever since I was a kid I have loved these things: 
1. jewelry, 2. collecting, 3. making things, and 4. rocks
With maeflydesign, I am able to combine all four loves into one product! 
I design my pieces to be beautiful to look at, easy to wear every day, but also a little rough. I like to play up the quirks, colors, and crazy lines of the individual stones. Each one truly has its own "personality." I make jewelry I like to wear and I hope others like it too!

Today you can win this gorgeous necklace and use the code OHSWEETJOY for 15% off your purchase! Check more out from Lisa at the following links:

I know this looks scary, but it's TOTALLY easy and streamlines the entering process so you don't have to click around to a million sites to enter. 


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

((outfit schmoutfit)) boyfriend jeans & lace

((it's on sale for less than $5 now!!!!))
watch - fossil
((use the code OHSWEETJOY10 for 10% off your purchase!))
AG Simona Boyfriend Jean - C/O anthropologie
wedges - dsw

This is my first go at styling "boyfriend" jeans. I felt a bit frumpy at first but then just decided to embrace the comfort. I decided that the lace sleeves on my tee offset the masculinity of the fit of the jeans. I'm really looking forward to styling them in the fall with blazers & booties...but for now, it's WAY too hot for that! 

Also, this necklace is seriously one of my favorites...I'm obsessed with the colors!  You should check out this shop pronto. She makes the most beautiful jewelry. Yay handmade!