Monday, June 18, 2012

((handmade monday)) muffin tin ice cubes

Have y'all seen those cool ice molds that come in sets of two and make a perfect sphere of ice? I think they're awesome, but it would frustrate the heck out of me to only be able to make two ice cubes at a time if I want to make enough for a pitcher...or even for one cube per person! 

As the temps rise, ((It was 97  here in Boulder yesterday!!!!)) it is so important to have plenty of water for those gatherings and parties you're hosting. Here's a perfectly stylish & delicious way of doing that and the options for fruit are limitless! How delicious would a mint and apple one be? What about orange & raspberry?! These ice cubes will be decorative, but will also eventually infuse the water with a delicious and refreshing taste without adding sweeteners! 

What you'll need:
muffin tin 
((I used a 6 muffin one because there wasn't room in our freezer for a 12!))
high quality h2o
desired fruit, citrus, herbs, veggies, etc

Wash and cut ((if applicable)) your fruit. Also, while you're washing...make sure your muffin tin is nice & clean.

Put a few berries or one slice of desired citrus in each muffin tin slot. Fill up half way and freeze for 30 minutes. This keeps all of the berries from floating up to the top. Fill the tin up with water and put back into the freezer until frozen.

To get the ice cubes out, place warm water in a  rimmed baking sheet or casserole dish. Dip the muffin tin for 10 seconds and pop out! 

Add REGULAR ice cubes to your water pitcher to get the water very cold. Another option is to put the pitcher of water in the refrigerator at the beginning of this process. This is important so that when you place the ice cubes in, they don't melt immediately. 

Place the fruit infused ice cubes in your pitcher, serve and ENJOY!


*dispenser - target
*tall mason jar - thrifted
*striped straws - sweet lulu
*farmer's market berry basket - anthro

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  1. Ooh this is so cool! It would be perfect for entertaining! :)

  2. Fun! I've never thought about using a muffin tin.

  3. I would've never thought of using a muffin pan, either! Sounds so yummy. :)

  4. These are darling–and hold a slice of lemon so perfectly!

  5. that dispenser's from target?! i love it! clever idea kim!

  6. What a great idea, these are darling :) Hope you have a lovely day, xo Holly

  7. What a cool idea!!! I'm going to do this for sure! Brilliant!

  8. What a sweet way to keep your drinks cool :)

  9. The cubes are really easy to release, however the size is bigger than I would prefer.


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