Saturday, June 16, 2012

a pitiful plea

I'm not one of those bloggers that begs you to vote for them for top 100 mom blogs or top 100 fashion blogs or top 50 diy blogs, yada yada. Mostly, because I don't care about that. I definitely don't look down on the gals that do, but all I'm saying is that I don't ask anything of you readers very often...but today I AM! I want to win a vespa!

I submitted this photo for where I'd take my vespa if I won one. Will you sign up and vote for it? It literally takes 20 seconds to fill out your info (unfortunately, they won't let you vote unless you "register." meanies. sorry about the time suck), another 10 seconds to hop back over to your email and confirm your registration and then you can copy & paste in ((THIS LINK)) and click vote. 

then click the link they send in an email to you.

Thank you!!!! I seriously appreciate it. 
Crossing my fingers!




  1. I'll vote for you. I hope you win! :)

  2. i am totally one of those people who asks others to vote for me in contests (i try to not do it too often but if it's a great prize, it's worth a shot!) the last one really paid off since me and A won $1000! :) i hope you win too girl, voted for ya! xo

  3. voted :) good luck! that would be amazing!!


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