Wednesday, July 11, 2012

((i scream, you scream series)) dreamsicle ice cream

Disclaimer: This is NOT a healthy recipe. So....if you're not an organic, sugar-free, gluten free, vegan, we look down upon people who eat processed foods eater....stay put. 

3 ingredients + 1 kitchen aid mixer attachment = a deliciously sweet ice-cream that makes you feel like you should be sitting in an old school soda shoppe sipping through a perfectly striped straw. 

MMMMmmmm. Orange Cream Soda. 

What you'll need:
1 cup of milk
4 cups of soda ((I used orange soda, sunkist to be exact, so don't be fooled by the styling. Next up: ROOTBEER!))
1 can of sweetened condensed milk. I told you this wasn't healthy. 

Either chill ingredients beforehand in the refrigerator or mix and then chill. Either way, mix all your ingredients together and put in your ice cream attachment. Mix on speed one for 30-ish minutes and then put in a tupperware to freeze. You could put it in a glass at this moment and just drink it. I won't judge you. Pour me a glass and I'll be right over. 
After  a few hours in the freezer, scoop up and enjoy. 



  1. That is so good!!! I don't think I have an icecream attachment?! Hoping that a normal mixer can do this for me!

  2. Looks beautiful!! Rootbeer sounds like an excellent plan! Your photos are great too =)

  3. Shut up! Fanta flavoured ice cream? I could just die right here!

    I love your photo, you look so happy!

  4. that looks incredible! the most summery thing i've seen so far :D
    your blog is amazing - i love the vintage style of everything!

  5. looks delicious! xx

  6. Sounds yummy! I'm thinking I need one of these attachments you speak of for my kitchen aid!

  7. Yyeeeeeesss! This sounds delicious!

  8. That sounds amazing! Now I only wish I had a kitchenaid or an ice cream machine! YUMMY!!!!

  9. Just came across your blog and I absolutely love it! You're too cute, and so is your blog! Definitely a new follower :)

    check mine out:

  10. ... ice cream attachment? is this for a kitchen aid? PLEASE EXPLAIN. K thanks :)

  11. You are so right this is not healthy, but I would like to point out that all of the ingredients can be organic!

  12. Oh oh, I can taste this just looking at the recipe!!! I can't wait to make this, as I have the ingredients and an ice cream maker. I don't care if it is zero degrees outside - I luv ice cream!!


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